Can I Ask For A Credit If I Am Included In A List Of Defaulters?

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What is a list of defaulters?


A list of defaulters is a file that includes physical and legal clients (individuals and companies) who have not paid several installments or the totality of any invoice, loan and debt in general.

The inclusion by a customer debtor in a list of defaulters, is carried out after the notice of minimum 4 calendar months of the company claiming the debt, as well as various negotiations with the client and that the latter has not complied.

Generally, financial institutions and supply companies (electricity, water, telephone, gas …) are the ones that most often include their debtor customers in the defaulter lists.

What are the most representative lists of defaulters?

The 3 best-known lists of defaulters in our country are:

  • ASNEF (National Association of Financial Institutions of Spain)
  • RAI (Record of Unpaid Acceptances)
  • CIRBE or CIR (Risk Information Center of the Bank of Spain)

They follow:

  • EQUIFAX (group that manages ASNEF, is called ASNEF-EQUIFAX Services on Solvency and Credit SL)
  • EXPERIAN (Experian Bureau de Crédito: entity that manages the Badexcug Debt File)
  • BADEXCUG (File of Defaulters Badexcug managed by Experian Bureau de Crédito)
  • FIJ (Files of Judicial Incidents)

How to know if you are on the list of defaulters and what debt you claim?

How to know if you are on the list of defaulters and what debt you claim?

Surely, when a company claims a debt, they warn you for at least 4 months before they include you in a list of defaulters. In that time, you can always reach an agreement with them to postpone the payment or pay it in smaller monthly payments.

If after that time, the payment of the “good” debt has not been met, or for whatever reason, it has not been possible to pay for, simply, not having money; The claimant company has the right to include you in a list of defaulters, prior notice .

If you do not know for sure if you have been included in a list of defaulters, you can check it out. To do this, you can access the main web page of a list , fill out an application with your personal data and, within a maximum of 30 calendar days, you will receive an email and / or postal with all the data of the debt by the that you have been included in the list of defaulters: claiming company, amount, date, etc.

How long can you stay in the Asnef?


As a general rule, after being included in any of the lists of defaulters, the maximum time that can be reflected in it is 6 years .

Consequences of being included in a list of defaulters


The most serious and damaging consequence is the difficulty of requesting a loan , credit, consumer credit (purchases by installments), or registering with a supplying company (especially telephone).

Many doors to financing are closed: any contract, or credit application, can be denied immediately by being in a delinquent list.

Can I ask for a credit if I am included in a list of defaulters?

Can I ask for a credit if I am included in a list of defaulters?

Although it may seem that everything is black , you can ask for a loan . Of course, usually are counted the credit companies that accept customers in Asnef, and with two conditions : that the client does not owe to another financial institution and that Asnef’s debt does not exceed € 2,000.

What are the credit companies that do admit that you are on a list of defaulters?

What are the credit companies that do admit that you are on a list of defaulters?

  • Pepe Dinero mini credit: you can order between € 50 to € 250, to return between 7 days to 1 month, with a minimum APR of 2,244.00% and a maximum APR of 9,241.00%.
  • Creditea quick credit: you can request between € 100 to € 3,000, to return between 2 months to 3 years, and with a minimum TAE of 42.41% and a maximum APR of 381.88%.
  • Mortgage Loan Request Your Credit: you can request between € 6,000 to € 100,000, to repay between 12 months to 10 years, with a minimum TAE of 11.55% and a maximum APR of 17.89%.

Can a financial institution or credit company take me off the list of defaulters?


No, neither them nor anyone, only you . Only you can get rid of this debt by paying it and giving part to the list of defaulters so that they can check the payment and eliminate you from there.

How to leave the Asnef list of defaulters?


There are several ways to get away from this file that has so many inconveniences:

  • Paying the debt : usually through a bank transfer to the account that indicates the list of defaulters, and delivering the proof of payment at the teller or transfer. When you check this payment, you will be removed from the list of defaulters.
  • Wait to be removed from the registry : that is, 6 years.
  • Accepting the Arco rights (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition). Arco is a set of rights included in the Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data (Lopd), which guarantees people control over their personal data.

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