10 Coolest Celebrity VRs Every Gearhead Should See

Motorhomes are a great way for celebrities to bring a little comfort home when they’re on the road, whether shooting on a film set or crossing the country on a stadium visit. sold out. They provide a customizable space for celebrities to unwind after a long day, and they’re often an invaluable resource, especially for those who have to travel regularly. The trend for plush celebrity motorhomes seems to have exploded in recent years, and now it seems more celebrities own them than ever.

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However, not all celebrity motorhomes are homes, as some have been transformed into mobile music studios, professional suites and film sets. There seems to be an almost endless amount of possibilities regarding what to do with their space, and celebrities often enlist the help of RV building experts like Prevost and Anderson Mobile Estates to help them design. their dream. Most of us mere mortals will never be able to afford these titans of the VR world, so all we can do is stare with envy.

ten Mariah Carey – Double Decker RV

Mariah Carey spent $1.8 million on her two-story motorhome, which, like most of the homes featured here, was built by Anderson Mobile Estates. She reportedly bought the house in 2015 and used it as an alternative to hotels on her tour dates.

It comes with an upper deck lounge that converts into a nightclub at the push of a button, so Carey can enjoy a night out with her entourage instead of having to head to a regular club. Among the RV’s many high-end items is a water ionizer machine that cost an incredible $4,000.

9 Justin Bieber – Luxury VR

With a reported net worth of around $285 million, it’s no surprise that Justin Bieber has the spare cash to drop on the flashiest motorhome, which was built by Prevost. Like Mariah Carey, Bieber uses the monster motorhome as an alternative to hotels on his tours.

But, he has also been seen on tour for a variety of other reasons, including using it to spend time in state prison and preaching the Bible. Bieber’s RV has a hot tub, heated floors, a selection of flat-screen TVs and whatever other luxuries he could cram into the ultra-expensive Presidential Suite on Wheels.

8 Jason Momoa – EarthRoamer

EarthRoamer makes ultra-expensive overland motorhomes built for adventure-hungry celebrities with $650,000 burning a hole in their pocket. Jason Momoa has already shown off his EarthRoamer to reporters, and while it’s smaller than most of the other gigantic motorhomes we’ll see here, it still has all the amenities needed for comfortable living.

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After announcing his divorce from his wife, Lisa Bonet, Momoa is rumored to be living full-time in the EarthRoamer, parked in his friend’s backyard. In 2019, he hit the headlines when he arrived at Aquaman premiere of the film in the RV.

7 Timbaland – Traveling Music Studio

Music producer Timbaland was an early adopter of the celebrity motorhome trend, and to ensure he could keep working while on the road, he built a studio fully equipped music player in his tour bus.

He first showed the house in 2012, and it’s unclear if he still owns it, as he was kept very secretive about it after its initial unveiling. This is likely due to security concerns, as in 2015 a high-profile shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus sent shockwaves through the hip hop community and caused many stars to be more cautious about presenting. of their motorhomes.

6 Simon Cowell – The Hollywood Motorhome

Another monster creation from Anderson Mobile Estates, Simon Cowell’s motorhome is called The Hollywood and includes, among other things, a professional suite and a complete medical unit. According to RJ Anderson, the builder of the house, only the medical unit has equipment that costs more than $150,000.

Downstairs is a granite-floored bathroom, Cowell’s bedroom, and a reception room that features the finest Italian leathers and hand-finished wood accents. The floor is mainly occupied by a huge living room, which could accommodate 30 people and serves as a base for Cowell meetings as well as a relaxation area.

5 Will Smith – The Heat

Probably the most famous motorhome of them all, Will Smith’s $2.5 million mansion on wheels remains one of the most expensive motorhomes ever built. It was the first delivery for Anderson Mobile Estates, and it helped propel the company to fame, with dozens of other celebrities following in Smith’s footsteps and ordering their own.

The Heat, as the RV is known, offers everything from a desk to a professional make-up station, which Smith can make full use of while on film sets. He is known to live there during the filming of Ali, Men in Black III, and The pursuit of happinessamong others.

4 Kellie Pickler – Moving Closet

Country singer Kellie Pickler reportedly grew up in a trailer, but her luxurious motorhome is a far cry from her humble roots. It’s a themed cottage, with a mini spa area and even a built-in kennel.

But, the house’s most impressive feature has to be the custom shoe racks, which display Pickler’s extensive collection of heels. It’s unclear exactly how many pairs the racks can hold, but judging by the photos, Pickler seems to have done a great job filling them all to capacity.

3 Vin Diesel – Custom RV

Another star who opted for a cozy atmosphere in his RV is Vin Diesel, who uses it as a mobile base when he’s on set. The RV reportedly has 1,100 square feet of space and has a living room where Diesel and his kids can relax.

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There’s also a built-in play area for the kids from Diesel, and of course flat-screen TVs in almost every bedroom. Diesel prefers this living space to being locked up in a hotel room and even had it shipped to Puerto Rico while filming Fast Five.

2 Leonardo DiCaprio – Cruise Ship RV

As one of the biggest movie stars in the world, it’s no surprise that Leonardo DiCaprio’s $1.5 million motorhome is both huge and lavishly decorated. It’s reportedly themed around a cruise ship, which seems a bit ironic given that its most famous role was in Titanic.

The trailer is 53 feet long and has four sliding sections that increase total floor space when the RV is stationary. There are two fireplaces, a recycled handcrafted glass shower, and seven televisions spread throughout the rooms.

1 Jamie Foxx – Studio on Wheels

Another Anderson Mobile Estates creation, Jamie Foxx partnered with Gray Goose vodka to build a mobile studio for Foxx’s talk show, Off scenario. The studio featured a fully stocked Gray Goose bar and a custom C-shaped couch where Foxx would conduct interviews.

The motorhome would have been used only for Off scenario then sent back to Anderson, so it’s possible it’s still available for hire, though they haven’t confirmed it. Either way, it’s a very impressive feat to make a motorhome look like a full-size movie studio, and it just goes to show that almost anything is possible with high-end motorhomes, as long as someone is ready to accumulate money. for that.

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