10 New Year’s Eve Beauty and Fashion Gifts Little Girls Will Love

Dressing is what little girls love. Ask any mother with a nine year old at home and she will tell you how to dress in front of her scary daughter. Before a mom knows it, her little one applies her lipstick or wants her cheeks to be woken up! Every mom in town is worried about what makeup can do to her daughter’s tender skin.

The urge to dress is not limited to makeup; watch out for your little one applying mum’s nail paint or just walking around the house in mum’s high heels.

So if you are intending to give your daughter or any other little girl her age for the New Year a gift, we suggest you check out a whole range of products – makeup kit, nail art kit, perfume spray and many other items – which can make a perfect gift choice and are available on Amazon. The good news is that they are safe to use.

1) & amp; lt; strong & amp; gt; Zest 4 Toyz 2 in 1 Cosmetic Makeup Palette & Kids Nail Art Kit & amp; lt; / strong & amp; gt;


This is a great gift idea and, we assure you, your little one will love it. It includes a complete cosmetic starter kit and a nail art kit. It includes eye shadow palettes and liners, lipsticks and glosses. The set also includes tools – brushes, foam applicators, combs and pencil sharpeners. Most importantly, the makeup is washable and non-toxic.

2) Barakath Hair Accessory Set – 69 Piece


With a collection of hair clips, hair ties, ticking clips, elastic headbands and hair belts, this is a perfect way to pamper your daughter. This 69 piece set offers the best combo of hair accessories for a young girl. Not just for the New Year, it is a perfect choice for birthdays, baby shower, Christmas or any other occasion.

3) Analogue watch for girl SWADESI STUFF


This charming watch with a set of colorful bracelets is an ideal gift for young girls. With cute stripes of colors like yellow, blue, purple, orange, pink and more, expect her to match one with each of her dresses, every time she steps out.

4) OANGO Nail Art Kit for Girls


This versatile eye shadow set is another gift tween girls will love. The six color pots serve three purposes – they can be used as eye shadow as well as lipstick and lipstick. Its accessories include brushes and a hand mirror. It is safe for children because its ingredients include olive oil, beeswax, castor oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and mica.

5) Townley Girl Disney Princess Lip Balm


This set of four lip balms is a fun item for kids – it makes them feel like lipstick but it really is a balm. It has a chewing gum flavor and can be used by children three years and older.

6) Gwen & amp; Dress shoes for girl Zoe


Your little girl will love this pair of princess heeled shoes. With her two inch heel, she will definitely feel like a grown up. Despite its heels, it is designed to provide comfort with its rounded, closed toe and cushioned sockliner.

seven) & amp; lt; strong & amp; gt; FancyDressWale Girl’s A-Line Maxi Dress & amp; lt; / strong & amp; gt;


This long A-line dress will make your daughter feel like Anna and Elsa from the famous Hollywood movie Frozen, a big favorite of young girls. You will be spoiled for choice as this dress comes in 10 different colors. This garment can be worn for a variety of functions including Christmas, a school dance ball, a photoshoot, or any other ceremony.

8) Barbie Princess Body Fragrance


If moms can have them, so can daughters. Let your daughter feel like a whole adult (every now and then, maybe) with her own body spray. The good news is that this product is a gas free spray and it lasts a long time.

9) Girls’ Pack of 2 Amour Rectangular Sunglasses


Treat your daughter or niece with this stylish pair of sunglasses. This pair comes with gradient lenses and is suitable for girls. Its frame is made of plastic and is suitable for regular use.

ten) SkinWorks Eyeshadow Pigment Set


This kit contains six jars of bright colors that can be used safely on the eyes, cheeks and lips. It also includes brushes and a hand mirror for active little girls. Its ingredients include olive oil, beeswax, castor oil, shea butter, vitamin E, and mica.

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