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Princess Diana and Duchess Meghan Markle are arguably (and perhaps controversially) the most beloved women in the royal family’s long history. From their passion for humanity and their philanthropic endeavors to their down-to-earth attitudes despite their status, it’s fair to say that the personalities of the two women parallel each other. That’s not all they seem to have in common – since her engagement to Prince Harry, Meghan has developed a heartwarming habit of wearing fashion ensembles that nod to the looks worn by her late beauty -mother.

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There is no doubt that Princess Di is one of the most prominent fashion icons of her time. She wore stately dresses that paid homage to the nations she visited; she played with slacks and tuxedo jackets (something no other royal woman dared to do at the time), and no one forgot her legendary “Revenge Dress” which cheekily showed the world more than his metaphorical middle finger to Prince Charles after he publicly admitted his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

Meghan has spoken before about the importance of keeping Diana’s memory alive, and it’s clear the Duchess uses fashion as a creative and sentimental way to do so. From outfits incorporating the same color combinations to ensembles that are wonderfully similar in many ways, Meghan has stylishly modernized many of the princess’ most dazzling looks. Glamorous dresses, fancy fascinators, striking suits and even casual wear have been beautifully reincarnated by Meghan Markle in her most iconic Princess Diana-inspired looks.

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