5 reasons to live in Tower on Tenth will improve your lifestyle + rent now for 2 months FREE


Live beautiful and elevate your lifestyle in Tower on Tenth. (Nathan Watson/Bham Now)

Have you heard of luxury apartments in Turn on the tenth are you ready to rent? We’ve had a sneak peek and are ready to tell you why you’ll be happy you chose Birmingham’s newest apartments as your new home, PLUS how you can get two months FREE! Check it out below.

1. It has a modern/upscale design

Brand new. Modern design. Upscale but affordable. No, you’re not dreaming ! Tower on Tenth apartments really do offer all of these things.

Here is what you can rent:

  • Studio/1 bathroom:
    • Square feet: 376
    • Price range: $1,029 to $1,361
  • 1 bedroom/1 bathroom:
    • Square area: 529-592
    • Price range: $1,354 to $1,683

Located on 10th Avenue South in Birmingham, Tower on Tenth is a gated community so you can enjoy peace of mind. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re living in the future with a locking system that lets you lock, unlock, and manage your apartment door from your phone.

Take a virtual tour here.

2. It includes essential equipment

Turn on the tenth
From a gorgeous lounge to a courtyard and bocce ball, Tower on Tenth is a great place to live. (Nathan Watson/Bham Now)

If you’re looking for a new apartment, you’ve probably already made a list of must-have amenities. To help you tick those boxes off your list, we’re telling you about some of the great amenities on offer at Tower on Tenth. From appliances to recreational features, they are definitely worth the money.

Turn on the tenth
Check out the games room to hang out with friends. (Nathan Watson/Bham Now)
  • Indoor + outdoor common areas
  • Courtyard with fireplaces, waterfall + hammocks + petanque ball
  • Fitness center, spin room + yoga room
  • Bike room
  • Games room with ping pong, table football + pool tables

Like what you learned on Tower on Tenth? Visit their website or call 205.858.4708 for rental options.

3. Its location is amazing!

Turn on the tenth
A look from below to above. (Nathan Watson/Bham Now)

Even though we like to be “home sweet home”, it is good to go out once in a while. That being said, when considering where to live, location is key.

How far you live from important places and people and what’s available nearby affects every aspect of your life, from commuting to work and school to shopping for groceries and visiting family. and to friends.

Located in the heart of Five Points South on 10th Ave South, Tower on Tenth is in one of Birmingham’s most desirable areas. Not only is it easily accessible by car from the city’s freeways, but it’s also within walking distance of many popular restaurants and entertainment venues.

Here are a few things you will discover nearby:

Food + Drinks:


4. He has a cool story

Turn on the tenth
Tower on Tenth at 10th Ave South in Birmingham. (Nathan Watson/Bham Now)

IDK about you, but I like when a building and a city have a story behind them. If you do too, you’ll be happy to know that the Tower on Tenth building and location has both.

Five Points South has been part of Birmingham for over 100 years, where it has become an area of ​​cultural and commercial growth.

Tower on Tenth may be new to the neighborhood, but the property is not. Here are some interesting things to know about Tower on Tenth before it becomes one of the best places to live in The Magic City:

  • It occupies the site of the former South Highland School, which was demolished in 1964. The pedestrian tunnel that was built for the students still exists today, connecting the property to Brother Bryan Park.
  • In 1970, the building was converted into a residence for the elderly.
  • He took over the former Building Trades Tower, a nonprofit that closed in 2015.
  • Homewood’s LMS Investment Management bought the building in 2018 before turning it into Tower on Tenth.

5. It offers breathtaking views of Birmingham

Turn on the tenth
Breathtaking views. (Nathan Watson/Bham Now)

There are plenty of places around Birmingham to get amazing views. Did you know that Tower on Tenth was one of them? Yes, and you don’t even have to climb to the top of Vulcan to see them! With 12 stories overlooking Five Points South and the surrounding city streets below, expansive views are definitely on the list of Tower on Tenths pros.

Bonus: you will love this offer!

Surprise! We have another must-know about Tower on Tenth. If you rent now, you’ll get two months FREE! Awesome, huh? To find out more about renting with Tower on Tenth and this special offer, call them on 205.858.4708.

Ready to elevate your lifestyle? Learn more at Tower on Tenth’s website and follow them on Facebook and instagram.

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