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As college prints, loose fit and skin-revealing cutouts gain momentum in women’s fashion this fall, designers and retailers are already considering their evolution for Fall / Winter 2022. The telltale signs are already appearing , evident in art, pop culture, consumer behavior. and other product categories, according to a new Trendalytics report.

Using a proprietary algorithm, the product intelligence company identified five themes and trends in women’s clothing that are likely to develop over the next year. As the pandemic continues to weigh on creativity and manufacturing, and heightens demand for practicality and versatility, macro trends are changing the winds.

Here’s a look at what’s in store for women’s fashion.


The self-expression and cheeky attitude invented by designers like Vivienne Westwood in the 1980s are the backbone of this glam-rock revival. Rebel with an “everything is aesthetic”, Trendalytics points to the Gen Z-focused brand of Marc Jacob, Heaven by Marc Jacobs, and TikTok as the main drivers.

Vivienne Westwood in 2001.
ettina Schwarzwaelder / picture-alliance / dpa / AP Images

“Emo challenges and trends that use music from icons of the MySpace era are going viral on TikTok, e-boy and alt fashion aesthetics are becoming favorites of taste makers, and the bold wolf cut is gaining popularity. “Trendalytics said.

What this means for fashion is a demand for “indestructible” fabrics like leather and denim, and knits to enhance rugged looks. The almost black plum, gold and red represent today’s “anti-aspiration counterculture”.

Spring / Summer 2022 AC9

Spring / Summer 2022 AC9

Low-rise baggy jeans, notched-soled boots and plaid dresses are key items, but designers like Ashley Williams and Valentino have already shown the scale of the trend. Williams’ quirky sweaters and bow-embellished skirts are a testament to the trend’s sense of freedom, while Valentino’s sheer dresses are both beautiful and daring.


As the billionaire-funded space race spills over into tourism and climate change concerns, designers look to otherworldly landscapes for inspiration.

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Galactic

The result, describes Trendalytics, is a futuristic vision of minimalism that prioritizes utilitarian design, protective materials and sustainable solutions. Soft, earthy neutrals like cream, terra cotta, clay, and “earth greens” like olive combine with fabrics like cotton hemp, UPF fabric, and meta-fabric, a fabric that can heat up or down. cool the wearer.

Form and function take center stage, a look Celine’s former artistic director Phoebe Philo is set to bolster with the launch of her eponymous brand. Key items include woven bags, oversized blazers and plant-based shoes, a category in which brands like Allbirds and Reebok have claimed a claim.

Acne Studios Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Acne Studios

The style, however, requires layers, drapes, and clothing with a secure, cocoon-like shape. Figi Studios, a Vietnamese unisex fashion brand, sums up this aesthetic with artful gatherings along the leg of utility pants, while Acne Studios’ fall 2021 collection of wrap-around sweaters, long knits and tall boots shows off. how a monochrome color palette unites ideas with refinement.


With NFTs, anime and “crypto fad” catching on, designers are opening up to utopian and dystopian ideas, Trendalytics reported. These worlds reinforce the idea that “anything is possible,” while the hyper-saturated colors, futuristic finishes and bold graphics that accompany it are pleasing to the eye.

“The tech-infused creations combine electrifying hues in unexpected ways,” Trendalytics said. “From piercing purple to vivid lime and deep Prussian blue, Techtopia’s color palette offers a virtual escape.

5 trends that will influence women

Balenciaga Fall 2021 Looks

While interest in material innovation has never been greater, the theme draws on spandex, bodycon plank and PVC to create the second skin silhouettes that drive this trend. Lamé dresses, asymmetrical dresses and cutout leggings are among the star pieces.

Balenciaga’s Spring 2021 collection, presented in a video game format, has encapsulated this hazy world where futuristic fashion is destined for real life.


Where one part of fashion desperately seeks a futuristic world, another seeks higher consciousness. The rise in popularity of psychedelics and spirituality is forging a bolder version of cottagecore, Trendalytics reported.

The theme is influenced by a TikTok community interested in forest treasures and mushrooms, and the progressive legalization of psychedelics. In November 2020, Oregon became the first US state to legalize psychedelic mushrooms for therapeutic purposes. Meanwhile, searches for spiritual accessories like evil eye bracelets, moon hair clips, and clover earrings continue to gain momentum.

Handcrafted knits made with colorful yarns are part of this spiritual journey. Mushroom chestnut is complemented by mystical violet and regenerating tangerine. Designer Gabe Gordon exemplifies this magical, forest-inspired look with hand-woven and dyed knits made with yarns discarded by local factories. His inspiration? The natural rotting of worn clothes.

Consumers Can Access Rachel Comey's Design Perspective In Her Upcoming Fall Fashion Collaboration Target

Target x Rachel Comey

Textured fabrics like printed chiffon add a trippy vibe already favored by Generation Z. Colors, prints and textures come to life on body-hugging silhouettes like “kaleidoscope” dresses as seen in the latest designer collection. at Target, as well as patterned tights and knit midi dresses.


Drawing style cues from maximalism and normcore, a refined version of nostalgia looms on the horizon. Highly stylized sets and costumes from Wes Anderson’s upcoming film ‘The French Dispatch’, coupled with a new emphasis on traditional fall textiles and accessories, like Louis Vuitton’s new collection of briefcase-style bags, should permeate fashion.

Movie poster for

Movie poster “La Dépêche française”
Projector photos courtesy of Everett Collection

“A renewed appreciation for normalcy is transforming the way we dress as maximalist prints, retro silhouettes and a quirky color palette emerge,” Trendalytics said.

Plush fabrics like corduroy, cable knits, and brushed wool add depth to colorful shades of mauve, mustard and Kelly Green. It’s a color palette that Rowing Blazers weaves into its range of rugby shirts and blazers.

5 trends that will influence women

Fall 2020 Zimmermann

Key items include cardigans, pleated midi dresses, and vintage dresses, but there are tons of ways to explore the trend. Calvin Luo’s use of white tights, Zimmermann’s plaid suits and Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini ribbon-embellished blazers and pleated mini skirts are helping the trend get off to a good start.

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