6 celebrities normalizing manicures

  • Traditionally, wearing nail polish was considered “feminine” and reserved for women.
  • Recently, the number of men wearing nail polish has increased, with celebrities like Tyler, the designer helping to normalize manicures on men.
  • Keep scrolling to see the latest celebrities embracing “menucure.”

As the conversations around beauty have evolved, so have the people actively claiming their place in the beauty community. From the rise of acne advocates to the normalization of traditional face tattoos in the media, what was once an intentionally exclusive community has grown to include people from all walks of life. Nowhere is this more evident than with the rise of “menucure”.

Men wearing nail polish were popularized in the 70s and 80s when musicians like Lou Reed, Iggy Pop and Robert Smith all had manicures as part of their aesthetic, but “menicures” actually date back much further. that. “A number of elite burial chapels from the Old Kingdom (c. 2575-2150 BCE) include scenes of men receiving nail care,” said Elizabeth Frood, associate professor of Egyptology at the University of Oxford, at POPSUGAR.

Today, we have seen not only an increase in the number of men wearing nail polish, but also an increase in brands created by famous men. Machine Gun Kelly revealed he was working on his own brand of nail polish, Un/Dn Laqr, in April 2021. Shortly after, Harry Styles announced the launch of his nail polish line, Pleasing, in November . Tyler, the designer became the latest to get into the beauty game with the launch of Golf le Fleur, which features three nail polishes, in December.

Because there’s been so much inspiration lately, we’ve rounded up the best upcoming celebrity manicures.

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