90s TV Characters With Most Iconic Fashion

Fran Fine will forever be the icon of the 90s who took the biggest risks in her fashion while maintaining essential pieces, her perfectly fitted mini skirts, crop tops and blazers. Fran Drescher’s style was influenced by her home in Queens, New York, and the show so closely resembled her life growing up that her husband at the time feared his real-life mother would be offended, according to the interview. of Drescher in 2012 with QNS. However, she revealed that her mother’s response was, “I’m glad you didn’t overdo the hair.”

“The Nanny” relied on visual ironies between Fran’s busy ensembles and the Sheffield family’s redone looks and kids’ school uniforms (via Instagram). Fran’s infectious personality and boisterous style ultimately transform the family for good, cementing Fran as the ’90s embodiment of a bombshell in both spirit and looks.

Fran Drescher even noted that her iconic character’s fashion is coming back in style; she told Byrdie: “There’s so much about ‘The Nanny’ that’s trending right now. Almost everything I liked about ‘The Nanny’ you can find now, whether it’s brightly colored faux fur or thigh high boots or a mini skirt.” In 2021, the star showed off one of the brightly colored cardigans from her old wardrobe on Instagram.

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