An outfit from the Aspinwall boutique will be presented at the April fashion show

A seamstress from Indiana Township will showcase one of her designs at an upcoming fashion show in Pittsburgh.

Elaine “Lane” Root still has a few weeks left to perfect “Pangaea,” a dress that will be modeled by her longtime friend Suzan Falvey at this year’s Ecolution fashion gala titled “Earth Matters Now: For The World We Dream Of & The World We Have”. Now.”

The event is scheduled for April 13 at the Carnegie Museum Hall of Architecture, 4400 Forbes Ave. It is presented by Pittsburgh Earth Day.

“I love her stylish clothes and she has an eye for activewear because she’s active,” Falvey said. “It’s comfortable and stylish.”

Root, owner and operator of Mossy Lane Products in Aspinwall, said she decided to name her creation after the super-continent of around 200 million years ago, in which all the continents of today today formed a giant landmass to celebrate Earth Day and promote unity.

“To me, that means we’re all one,” the Springdale graduate said in 1976. “There’s no difference between Europeans and Americans or Africans. We all come from the same place.

More than 20 other creators are expected to participate in the gala.

Root, 63, is no stranger to fashion shows. She won the highest prize at the 2019 Salvation Army Trash Bag Gala with a dress made from bicycle tubes and Kaufmann bags. Designers are challenged to take everyday objects like plastic bags and create wearable clothing.

Root said a judge on that show invited her to be a part of the upcoming show and she was excited to show off her creativity.

“I love it because I can take design a little further than you can with everyday clothes,” she said. “It’s time to really let go and have no inhibitions. I don’t need to try to please people and get them to wear it. It’s going to be something crazy and hopefully beautiful.

Designers are tasked with integrating sustainable, recyclable and organic materials into their eco-friendly outfits.

Other creators expected to appear on the show include Freddie Bainbridge, Kathleen Belsky, Nisha Blackwell, Cheryl Capezzuti, Brian David, Katy DeMent and Hannah Edelstein.

Four prizes will be awarded to the most creative Ecolution fashion shows, courtesy of Lab-Grown Diamonds by Caesar’s Designs Fine Jewelry Creations.

Root knows she will face stiff competition.

“There are a lot of designers who have been doing it for a lot longer than me, and a lot more considered,” she said. “It’s nice to be in this company. It’s like people who are nominated for an Oscar. It’s great to be nominated, but you always want to win.

More information about Ecolution is available at

Borough trade

Mossy Lane Products has been on Loop Street in Aspinwall for just over a year. It was founded in July 2018 in Sharpsburg.

The owner said she moved her shop in December 2020 to what she called a busier business district.

Root, a special education teacher in the Avonworth School District, knew it was time to thread the needle in 2017 when he called it a career in 2017 after 15 years in public schools.

She also taught special education at the Fox Chapel Area School District.

“It was a very strong passion that I had and needed a career change,” Root said.

The business is named after her and her mother, Mossy Lenosky, who taught the designer how to sew and often made clothes for the family.

“She made our clothes growing up, and every Saturday we would go to the fabric store,” Root said. “(She was) really stylish. When we went to church, we were dressed on all fours. Everywhere we went it was like, ‘OK. What are you gonna wear? You are going to look good. It didn’t matter where you were going. In fact, we sew differently. She used the pattern a lot where I sort of go free-form.

The clothing store is full of original creations handcrafted by Root. She also does custom creations.

“The day I start trying to do something that I think someone is going to like, that’s not what they buy,” Loot said. “They buy the weirdest things. Something you won’t find anywhere else, something one of a kind. They don’t come here looking for normality.

She uses a lot of bamboo fabric as well as hemp and 100% cotton. Some of the outfits are inspired by or feature bicycle parts.

Before sewing and teaching, Loot and ex-husband Maurice Tierney founded Dirt Rag, a Pittsburgh-based mountain bike magazine. It was in circulation from 1989 to January 2020.

The former couple were inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame in 2002 for their efforts to showcase mountain biking culture.

The boutique also offers jewelry made by her daughter, Miranda Root, and artwork by her son, Maurice Tierney VII.

More company information is available at or call 412-795-8423.

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