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What first comes to your mind when you think of the “e-girl” or “e-boy” aesthetic? For me, the word that immediately comes to the fore is TikTok. Scrolling through the hugely popular social networking platform is actually the first time I’ve come across the phrase e-boy or e-girl.

E-boys, in my opinion, are idols of the TikTok influencers who continually post videos of thirst traps dressed in gothic, indie, or pop-punk outfits. Names like Jaden Hossler, Vinny Hacker, and Chase Hudson – better known as Lil Huddy – perfectly represent this.

After much research, I discovered that the e-girl or e-boy aesthetic was not something that came from TikTok but rather a fashion subculture that has been around for a decade. The “E” stands for “electronic”, unlike what I initially thought it meant “emo”.

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The e-girl is more of an aesthetic or an idea than a real style ensemble for an individual, which means you probably aren’t going to meet a full e-girl on the street. It’s more of an online presence or a way of being than a real style. Nonetheless, I’ve done my best to recreate a stereotypical modern e-girl look so you don’t have to.

After aimlessly browsing TikTok and reading articles on the history of the e-girl aesthetic, I came to imagine what style attributes make up an e-girl. There isn’t just one way to create an e-girl look, but rather an overall combination of cosplay, skate and hip-hop, goth, anime, and pop-punk styles. However, having colored hair is somewhat essential.

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Lucky for me, I have a lavender purple wig from my Halloween costume stored in my closet. I styled the wig with two mini pigtails on either side of my head. For the outfit, I paired black fishnet stockings under a high waisted black leather mini skirt and a purple and white striped cropped top.

I accessorized with silver chain choker necklaces and a few silver staple rings, in addition to the Doc Marten combat boots. Perhaps the most difficult aspect to complete the look is the most important – the makeup! I turned to Dolls Kill, an alternative fashion brand that caters to young women, for inspiration. For the eye look, I kept the lavender theme with a bright purple eyeshadow and the basic e-girl chunky wing eyeliner. My makeup looked almost like a Raggedy-Ann doll with an intense hot pink blush and lots of mascara for the lower lashes. Finally, I embellished the whole with little black hearts drawn on my cheeks.

Although the e-girl aesthetic is a bit out of my comfort zone, I found it fascinating to learn how this fashion subculture came about and what it represents today. Maybe TikTok isn’t that bad after all.


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