Bhagyashree presents exercises that will help burn fat around the belly

Some new mothers worry that their bellies will become “loose and flabby after giving birth.” While a slow and gradual recovery through diet and nutrition is recommended, some core strengthening exercises can also help burn belly fat, especially around the belly.

As such, actor and nutritionist Bhagyashree Dassani took to Instagram to share effective exercises that can help if done daily. “New mothers worry that their bellies will become loose and flabby after childbirth. But core strength is also important for most of our daily activities,” she captioned her post.

How can belly fat be reduced?

According to the actor, fat reduction is mainly achieved through eat properly and ensure your gut is working optimally. Combining diet and fitness can help achieve your goal optimally.

She also demonstrated some simple exercises to build core strength as well as targeting fat burning around the belly.


* Get into a plank position with the weight evenly distributed between your hands and toes.
*Check your form – your hands should be about shoulder-width apart, back flat, abs engaged and head aligned.
* Pull your right knee towards your chest. Switch legs by pulling one knee out and tucking in the other.
* Keep your hips down and run your knees as far and as fast as you can.

*Bosu Ball knee pads

* Press your feet into the stability ball.
* Use your abs to hold as you bend your knees and tuck back.

* Leg extensions or bosu ball lifts

* Press your feet into the bosu or stability ball.
* Use your arms to alternately hold each of the legs of the bosu ball.

How many times?

Beginners can do three sets of 20 mountaineer reps, moving to bent knees on the bosubal then to leg extensions (lifts).

Why do them?

“These exercises will help regain and build core strength,” she said.

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