Bollywood celebrities who have been targeted by trolls for misinformed wishes

On Republic Day, various celebrities took to social media and posted wishes on their wrists. Although there have been times when there have been situations like “wish gone wrong”. There are many instances where Bollywood celebrities have been trolled and targeted for misinformed tweets and there is huge chaos online.

Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra and Taapse Pannu on the occasion of the 72nd Republic Day which was observed last year, were ruthlessly accused of blundering their wishes.

Shetty was trolled by netizens after confusing the word “Gantantra” (republic) with “Swatantra” (freedom). Although she quickly deleted the tweet, trolls caught wind of it and were quick to point out her mistake.

His tweet read: “Bahattarwe (72nd) Gantantra Diwas ki dheron shubhkaamnayein. Happy Republic Day to all Indians. but also for each of our fellow citizens… Jai Hind! Swasth rahiye, mast rahiye, mask pehen kar surakshit rahiye.”

In offering her heartfelt wishes on Republic Day, Pannu moved up to 71st from 72nd. The actress then corrected her misstep, but Internet users wanted to point out the blunder and trolled her.

Actress Esha Gupta has also been trolled for wishing to send a Republic Day message on Independence Day (August 15). The actress then tweeted that her account had been hacked and restored after being alerted to the “wrong” post on her Instagram Story.

The actor’s tweet featured a card that read, “Gantrantra Diwas ke hardik subhkamnaye (Heartfelt greetings on Republic Day”).

Deleting the wrong tweet, she wished everyone a Happy Independence Day adding, “(thank you for telling an Air Force girl she knows otherwise) you are too much trolling

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