Carla Hall’s “Smashing Dumplins” guess on “Celebrity Wheel of Fortune” delights Vanna White

celebrity wheel of fortune was derailed by a food-themed response that left contestants and co-hosts laughing last month. On the October 16 episode of the game show, Excellent chef alum Carla Hall took on Phil Rosenthal of Somebody Feed Phil and celebrity chef Jet Tila. Hall’s response to a song prompt proved she’d chosen the right career by spending time in the kitchen, not the studio, but host Pat Sajak couldn’t let her mishap slip without a quick joke to the Hall’s costs.

When asked to fill in the blanks on the Wheel of Fortune board and guess which artist sang the song “Mayonnaise”, Hall guessed wrongly, “Mayonnaise by the Smashing Dumplins?”

Although she was wrong, Hall only missed a few letters, as Tila pointed out when telling her, “It was close. Very close.”

But Sajak was a bit tougher on the contestant, telling her, “And you know, for a Food Network person, that’s unforgivable.” Who knew he was such a Smashing Pumpkins fan?

Although it’s a bit of a stretch to call Hall’s response “unforgivable”, Sajak is because of her food celebrity status. Hall, who began his television career on Excellent chefhas since appeared on several Food Network programs and hosted ABC chewing.

Although Hall missed the mark with his answer, his competitor saved the day. When Tila correctly guessed, “Mayonnaise by the Smashing Pumpkins,” Hall admitted, “that was fine,” before joking, “You’re welcome,” and shaking her hand.

Sajak joked, “The Smashing Dumplings had another song, earlier,” as Hall covered his face and laughed.

He added, “Okay. We’re going to sit down and eat a pumpkin or a dumpling or something,” before turning to co-host Vanna White and asking, “Vanna, what the hell? What you like ?

“I like dumplings!” she replied. At least someone was on Hall’s side.

After her loss, she’ll probably never see dumplings the same way again, but at least Hall will never forget who the Smashing Pumpkins are.

celebrity wheel of fortune airs Sundays at 9/8c on ABC. Watch the Smashing Pumpkins goof in the clip above.

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