Celebrity Gogglebox on screen with season returning in 2022

EXCLUSIVE: celebrity glasses box will be screened in 2022 attached to the new return season on Foxtel and 10.

The episodes will be screened at the same time as the return series, in order to reduce production costs.

Foxtel is currently launching the series with producers Endemol Shine Australia and Network 10.

“We’ve had a very heated discussion about this this week,” said Brian Walsh, executive director of Foxtel Television. telly tonight.

“It’s about getting the right chemistry. It’s easy to go pick names for the sake of names. If they’re going to give you the kind of TV you want, that’s another matter.

Previously rumored names included Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell, but Walsh reveals he also sees a place for fashion designer Alex Perry, who he met last week.

“I said, ‘Your name was mentioned this week at a meeting we had on Celebrity Glasses Box and I said I thought you would be great… you have such a sharp tongue, and you can’t hold back! ‘ And he said, ‘I’m in it! I want to give it back to that damn Anastasia, she still hits me! Let me do !’ He laughed.

“I emailed Shine this morning to say ‘Alex Perry is definitely here.’ It’s just a matter of who we pair it up with.

“We just want it to be fun. They have to be genuine celebrities, ”Walsh said.

“But will it be thrown on this side of Christmas and Celebrity Glasses Box will be attached to the first season for 2022.

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