Cody Rhodes considers Shaquille O’Neal one of the best celebrities to wrestle

Cody and Brandi Rhodes appeared on the Endless Podcast.

Meanwhile, Cody chatted sharing the ring with Shaquille O’Neal earlier this year as a former champion TNT teamed up with Red Velvet against NBA legend and Jade Cargill in an episode of AEW Dynamite.

” I think that he is [Shaquille O’Neal] up there, if not the best celebrity involvement, he’s definitely at the top, which was one of his goals. Shaq took it very seriously, he trained several times. He asked a lot of questions. He was very committed to the idea. He wanted to do good by fighting the fans which is hard to do and the scary thing was right before the actual game, he also has Shaq Life on TNT and they are filming him and he has so much to do and all these people wanted to take pictures and there was so little time to really have a chat so I feel like the first time I saw him that day was when he was pulled out and hit the double biceps behind Jade [Cargill] and I realize at that point he has it because Shaq is just the type of red light personality that has this gene that he has and I really can’t wait for Shaq to come back when and if. He’s still in that ambulance apparently. He disappeared. One of Dynamite’s unsolved mysteries but gosh, I would love to be on his team this time because he did well by wrestling, historians and by wrestlers and just he did well so Shaq, tall man. Come back Shaq, yes.

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