Collin Gillespie: Denver Nuggets sign Collin Gillespie from Villanova to two-day deal

The Denver Nuggets made an unprecedented move tonight by drafting three rookies, including Peyton Watson and Christian Braun, and traded second-round draft pick Ismael Kamagate. According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Denver has an even bigger plan like signing former Villanova player Collin Gillespie to a two-way deal.

Collin Gillespie, who turns 23 in two days, is a former NCAA champion and two-time Big East Player of the Year winner at Villanova. During his five-year stint with the Wildcats, Collin Gillespie averaged 15.6 points and 3.8 rebounds per game with 3.2 assists in his senior season. He is proficient as a pick and roll scorer and a low risk player. During his time with the Wildcats, Gillespie consistently showed massive improvement.

The Denver Nuggets planned to draft Gillespie last week and included a seasoned guard to contribute when they come onside. In the previous season, Gillespie shot an impressive 41.5 percent from three with a career-high 15, 6 points per game. It’s no wonder Gillespie is proving himself to be a valuable player for the Nuggets as he is a general on the ground who can control the offense while scoring for the team. Additionally, Gillespie is able to compete on the defensive side of the field.

The Nuggets are known for their sound decision-making ability at point guard. In fact, Gillespie is also perfectly suited to their budget. The Nuggets have had a past record of successfully signing players to two-way contracts. Therefore, the inclusion of Gillespie looks like another big success for the Nuggets. Gillespie is going to give cover at the point guard position. He clarifies that if the Nuggets were to make a trade, Gillespie could also be a primary replacement for the spot.

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