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AUSTIN, Texas, November 2, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Colorcast has closed a series of $ 1.5M of new York-Based Tribeca Early Stage Partners, Los Angeles-Based VoicePunch VC, Denver-Hilltop Venture Partners, and San Francisco-Based Connetic Ventures, among others. At the same time, Colorcast announced that it is featuring top NFL athletes and celebrities on the platform, including the Legends of the Steelers. Ryan shazier, Ike taylor, James washington, the safety of rams Taylor rapp, back of the Falcons Keith smith, and Roc Nation rapper Vic Mensa.

Colorcast has completed a pre-selection cycle of $ 1.5M and features top NFL athletes and celebrities on its app.

Colorcast is a Social Sports Talk app that allows anyone, anywhere, without equipment, to comment on live sports before, during and after the game. The magic of Colorcast is that it allows “casters” and listeners to synchronize their audio streams so that when the launcher shouts “Dak Prescott is throwing another touchdown”, the listener actually sees the touchdown on their TV. In addition to facilitating this shared visual context, Colorcast provides users with real-time statistics, scores, betting odds and other information about the game. Casters and listeners can interact via text chat or via the ” Hot Seat ”, where listeners are actually taken to the microphone and have the opportunity to ask questions or share their own sports shots.

Managing Partner of Hilltop Venture Partners, Brad Greenwald said his team is “confident that Colorcast has cracked the code for the social sports chat category. Their intense focus on understanding the needs of young sports fans has led to this fun, highly interactive and new kind of entertainment. addictive.” John McEvoyadded the Managing Partner of Tribeca Early Stage Partners, “We have seen a number of different companies trying to get into the social audio space, but none have done so as effectively as Colorcast. The Colorcast team targeted a specific vertical sector and built communities and feature sets around that vertical. It’s fascinating. “

Since its launch in end of November 2020, Colorcast has integrated thousands of casters, covers every NFL game, broadcasts nearly 100 sports talk shows each week, and begins to partner with celebrities and top athletes. Co-founder and CEO, Evan kirkham, explained, “It’s hard to believe what the team has accomplished in such a short period of time. I am very proud of the diversity of opinions and perspectives you can find on Colorcast. Any night, listeners can listen to NFL commentary from a girls’ group, team fanatic, comedian, Spanish-speaking spectator, expert sports player, or even a current or former NFL athlete like Ryan shazier Where Ike taylor as they describe their time in the league, the dynamics of the locker room and who speaks the loudest on the pitch. “

After completing its pre-seed cycle, Colorcast plans to expand into other sports markets, develop its talent acquisition team and continue to diversify its offering. “We’re just getting started, but the traction we’ve seen is incredibly promising and we can’t wait to pour some more gasoline on the fire,” Kirkham said.

To learn more about Colorcast, visit, follow Colorcast on social media (@Colorcastapp), or simply download the app from the Apple App Store.

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