Crowds gather for the reopening of Queen Elizabeth II’s final residence – Lifestyle

Hundreds of people lined up outside Windsor Castle on Thursday as the historic royal residence and its historic St. George’s Chapel, where Queen Elizabeth II was buried last week, reopened after her death.

Long lines of tourists, many with advance tickets, stretched along the narrow streets outside the majestic castle walls for the chance to visit.

Royal palaces and residences have been closed since the Queen’s death on September 8, including Windsor, west London, where she spent much of her time.

The Queen, who was 96, was laid to rest on September 19 after a large state funeral in London and a burial service at St George’s.

His coffin was moved to the adjacent King George VI Memorial Chapel, alongside his father, King George VI, and his mother, also called Elizabeth.

The Queen’s husband, Prince Philip, who died last year, is also buried there, as are the ashes of his younger sister, Princess Margaret.

A new black stone was placed on the ground, recording the birth and death dates of the family.

Elizabeth II was Britain’s longest-serving monarch, spending 70 years on the throne.

The small annex chapel was commissioned by her father and completed in 1969. Elizabeth often prayed at St George’s Chapel, which is over 500 years old.

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