DC Comics Creators Received Negative Royalty Statements In Error



Bleeding Cool understands that during the past quarter, all comic book creators working on new DC Comics titles received negative royalty claims based on those sales. Those who collected royalties from paperbacks, hard covers and other collections, still received the usual royalties. But if they had unit sales, they were negative and removed from their overall total.

Now, this is not an indictment on modern comic book sales, but more modern publisher accounting. Bleeding Cool understands the numbers were wrong, an algorithm problem, but one that has affected hundreds of people who owed royalties for working for DC Comics at the moment. Indeed, those who worked the most for DC Comics suddenly found themselves much more able to pay than others.

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After speaking to a number of prominent DC Comics creators over the past week, I understand that several of them have worked with DC Comics and Warner Bros to correct this error. But this has been a concern for many, who factor such payments into their expected salary. We’re hoping DC and Warners will be able to sort this out for everyone involved, not just those who made a stench, in time for Christmas.

While Marvel employees are the beneficiaries of accounting errors. Bleeding Cool previously reported surprise digital royalty checks arriving from 2017. It appears Marvel’s accounting missed a number of small payments at the time and Disney’s accountants are catching up. Four years ago.

Representatives for DC Comics did not respond to inquiries made earlier this week. If you know of any creators having payment issues from publishers – or other creators – or businesses that just take your money and run, please contact us.

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