Doja Cat has more fun with fashion than anyone else

Throughout their nearly four decades as an awards show, MTV VMAs have historically been a way for musicians to experiment with their style. Lady Gaga’s raw meat dress in 2010 has become one of pop culture’s most recognizable moments, and who could forget Lil Kim’s purple pies on the VMA’s 1999 red carpet? As someone who thrives at the intersection of the hip-hop and pop genres, Doja Cat has definitely taken a page out of Gaga and Kim’s playbooks when it comes to his own style. Whether deliciously draped in muslin Where carry a real stool on her head like a hat, Doja distinguishes between shocking and playful – proving that she has more fun with fashion than anyone else in music.

When it comes to her styling, part of Doja’s shock value success comes from her commitment to a concept. This has been an important part of his artistry since his breakout moment and it is evident in his music videos, performances, and stunning red carpet look. Throughout her career, Doja has leaned on feline looks to go with her namesake, caught disco fever with ’70s-inspired outfits after the release of her # 1 track’ Say So ‘, and stepped out. of this world with a futuristic approach to his ensembles around the time of his last album, Planet her.

Doja’s videos make it clear that she stuck to an aesthetic from the start. She leaned completely over the title of her song “Moo!” in a video that became her first viral moment. The green on-screen visual saw the singer dressed head-to-toe in a cow print outfit and sipping a strawberry milkshake while shouting, “Bitch, I’m a cow.” Her outfits in the video for “Bottom B * tch”, a song that samples “What’s My Age Again?” cups while adding a modern touch with stringy corset tops and a patterned two-piece set. Fast forward a few years and most of his videos on the tracks of Planet her now revolve around an extraterrestrial theme. She and SZA were giant women of fetal space in “Kiss Me More”, while Doja morphed into an alluring, green, metropolis-living alien in her “Need To Know” video.

Doja’s conceptual style also plays a major role in her live performances. She played the feline origins of her moniker with her Vevo Lift performance of “Say So” in 2020, which added campy elements to distinctly classic styles. Her wig was cut and curled in Marilyn Monroe style, while her hot pink color and fluffy cat ears made her her own. Her accompanying outfit was a Garo Sparo bodice with a sweetheart neckline cut to mimic the Playboy bunny cocktail waitress outfits, which have become popular Halloween costumes. But instead of being satin, Doja’s outfit was cut from a hot pink fur fabric, once again nodding to her cat look. “There is something mysterious about the concept of a ‘crazy cat lady’,” she said in an interview on the sidelines of the performance. “I took this symbol and applied it to my character, Doja Cat.” Regarding her recent 2021 performance at the Balmain Fashion Show in Paris, her concept was a bit more open. Rather than formatting her gaze on an animal, the singer said she wanted her look to convey the energy of “sexy garlic.”

Doja has long positioned herself as a fashion boundary pusher, so she is still comfortable on the red carpet. In fact, some of the singer’s more experimental looks have happened at awards shows. Regarding the VMAs, Doja has not retained anything. When she took to the virtual stage in 2020, the singer presented herself in an ensemble that can only be described as a sexy fish, with lit genitals. A year later, while hosting the ceremony, the singer accepted a VMA award in a head-to-toe quilted padded dress designed by Thom Browne that Doja likened to a colorful worm. “I never thought I would be dressed as a worm accepting an award,” she said.

Unsurprisingly, her “sexy fish” VMA outfit isn’t the only look Doja has worn that draws attention to her… the lower areas. At the 2020 AVN Awards, aka the “Porn Oscars,” the singer appeared in a tight mesh bodysuit that lightly covered her crotch with rhinestones. The look skillfully combined the disco-inspired “Say So” era with the theme of the night, an outfit her stylist would later call it “Dear Moment”.

That she poses in a glittering merkin, that she accepts a prize disguised as a neon worm, that she crawls in massive chicken claw shoes, many of her craziest outfits have one thing in common: they were designed in collaboration with her stylist, Brett Alan Nelson. While Doja has always had her own style, there’s no denying that Nelson helped take her fashion to the next, sometimes bizarre level. As a central member of Doja’s team since 2019, Nelson is drawn to over-the-top theatrical styles. “She and I get along so well,” Nelson said of his work with Doja in an interview with Vogue. “We bicker like brother and sister, but I know her, sometimes better than she knows herself. She wants to have fun, take risks, and she trusts me, which in my industry is the best thing a creative could ask for.

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