“Don’t Worry Darling” Made Me Love Celebrity Drama Again

Gossip is inevitable and don’t worry darling isn’t the first movie to be beset by a perfect storm of pre-existing rumors, celebrity relationships, ubiquitous cameras, and social media. But this is the first time in a long time to be subjected to such public attention. Generally, A-listers know how to be in the spotlight without revealing too much; they are media trained and buttoned up. This conflict is exhilarating to watch precisely because it’s so rare to see celebrities actually feuding. Whether the rumors are true or not is beside the point.

What makes the drama even more compelling is that it seems harmless to follow him as a fan. What criticism do these extremely powerful people face – for example if a movie star skipped a press conference to sip a spritz, or if a former member of One Direction spat on the guy from Princess Diary 2 – takes them off an imaginary pedestal of perfection that they shouldn’t have been on anyway. Unlike putrid #MeToo revelations and court cases that go against common sense, this is Hollywood’s most delightfully bizarre spectacle. It depends on issues we can all relate to — an authority figure we disagree with, a delightfully unpredictable co-worker, a hot guy everyone is watching — but exacerbated by the fancy dresses on the side. Venetian canals with the snapping paparazzi. This kind of drama is Old Hollywood.

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