Dua Lipa becomes a lifestyle guru with the launch of Service95

It’s not all about food and fashion, though. Dua, whose association Sunny Hill Foundation recently cut a ribbon from a kindergarten in his parents’ native Kosovo, will also use Service95 to spotlight inspiring personalities and causes close to his heart. “For young people, watching the news can be quite intense,” she says. “You want to help but you don’t really know how to help. I want to help give young people the tools to make a difference. The project will also include a podcast, At your service, with an eclectic mix of guests including grassroots activists as well as Dua’s A-list friends. “It’s very interesting to be on the other side of the interview! she says. “All the guests I speak to have some very inspiring stories and hopefully [as listeners], you will learn something about yourself.

Dua – a fan of Louis Theroux and Joe Rogan podcasts – in the studio working alone.

Courtesy of Dua Lipa

Comparisons to Gwyneth Paltrow’s Empire Goop – which began life as a free newsletter with actor’s recommendations and product reviews – seem inevitable, but although Dua’s Service95 universe will touch on beauty and To Wellbeing, she seems less concerned with Jade Eggs and X-rated candles than providing a platform for grassroots voices, or breaking down pressing issues in an accessible way. “This element is really important to me,” says Dua, who has always believed that being of service is her mission in life (hence the name Service95, which also refers to the year she was born). “The idea is to share information and help each other.”

As such, subscribers can expect a cleverly curated mix of thought-provoking articles, travel tips and advice as well as a glimpse into Dua’s life in their inbox each week. “There will be a lot of different voices, interesting articles and my own personal note on what I did and what I discovered,” says the singer, who for the record is currently devouring the podcast thriller. The left / right game, with Tessa Thompson.

The Passion Project comes just after Dua’s runway debut at Milan Fashion Week, where she opened the Versace Spring / Summer 2022 runway show, and her third number one single, “Cold Heart,” a collaboration with Elton John . Service95 will go live in early 2022, just as it prepares to launch it Nostalgia for the future world Tour. Does the woman ever sleep? She’s just become an expert in planning, Dua shrugs. “I’m wildly organized,” she says. “I plan every little thing, almost down to the minute. Mainly because I’m so busy I really try to make the most of my time otherwise I feel like I’m missing out!

With Service95, she hopes to help her subscribers do the same. “I want to be able to experience things,” she continues. “I don’t want to go to an amazing city and stay inside my hotel and then leave and just say I’ve been there. It has always been a huge thing for me. Either way, I’ll make an effort to do something fun.

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