EARTHLY For The Planet: Penn State Alum Creates Sustainable Fashion For The Future

After a recent appearance at New York Fashion Week, Jordan Pietrafitta, owner and founder of EARTHLY For The Planet, has taken her brand from a thesis to a business.

Pietrafitta grew up in West Chester, Pennsylvania, and graduated from Penn State in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in English and advertising and public relations. Pietrafitta is also a graduate of Schreyer Honors College, where she was responsible for creating and writing a thesis.

His subject ? EARTHLY.

“At the start, it was just a diverse and inclusive brand,” Pietrafitta said. “I was really inspired by AerieREAL. I loved the idea of ​​an inclusive brand and having people of all sizes and abilities.”

While working as a teaching assistant for an environmental science class, Pietrafitta was inspired by the sustainability aspect of fashion. She proposed a sustainability aspect in her final thesis submission.

As a student, Pietrafitta worked for Valley Magazine, where she pursued photography and served as public relations director. In 2016 Pietrafitta started Photos. Her experiences helped Pietrafitta practice her skills in photography, advertising and marketing that would help her build and manage her brand going forward.

Pietrafitta was able to design his brand’s “bare bones” while writing his thesis and worked with the Small Business Development Center organize the logistics of his company. When the COVID-19 pandemic started, Pietrafitta was finally able to launch EARTHLY.

“It’s all me,” Pietrafitta said. From marketing to social media to creating and designing the clothes, Pietrafitta does everything herself.

“EARTHLY is completely second-hand, so everything I get is sustainable and most of it comes from customer donations,” Pietrafitta said. “I get donations and I recycle it and resell it.”

Pietrafitta’s favorite design motif, patchwork, showcases the second-hand and enduring nature of EARTHLY.

“The mismatched and patchwork stuff is the most fun for me because it combines so many different clothes at once,” Pietrafitta said.

EARTHLY’s most recent collection made an appearance at Impact of New York Fashion Week, a runway event that showcases sustainable designers. The collection was inspired by Steve Madden sheets that Pietrafitta had had since elementary school.

“The first outfit and the dress I wore came from the fitted sheet, which inspired the whole collection and the colors I based it on,” Pietrafitta said.

Pietrafitta focuses on presenting diverse and inclusive clothing and designs. On the EARTHLY website, customers can select a custom option to create designs to suit their style and size.

“I try to give the options to people who don’t see something they like in their size or their size is not available by offering a personalized option so people get what they want for the same price it would normally sell for,” Pietrafitta said.

Additionally, EARTHLY does not sort its clothing by gender for greater inclusion.

Although she has many long-term goals, Pietrafitta wants to focus on getting EARTHLY in front of as many people as possible right now.

To learn more about EARTHLY, you can consult the instagram Where website.

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