eBay UK launches site for black-owned fashion and beauty brands

eBay UK has launched a hub on its website to connect consumers with small and medium-sized black-owned fashion and beauty brands.

vogue reports that the website, called Black in Bloom, will feature fashion, beauty and other consumer goods sold by graduates of the Black Girl Fest X eBay Sellers Academy. Black In Bloom comes at a time when many consumers are trying to be socially aware of what they buy and where they buy their products.

eBay Social Impact Manager, Chris Galesaid there was a clear need to make it easier for socially responsible shoppers to buy from black-owned businesses.

“We see from the buyer’s perspective that they come to the platform wanting to shop with their values ​​front and center,” Gale said. vogue.

eBay and Black Girls Fest, a festival and website designed for black women, girls, and non-binary people, worked with the academy to train black entrepreneurs through one-on-one 12-14 week training as well as mentorship to upgrade their e-commerce operations.

After graduating from the program, brands can then sell through the Black in Bloom hub.

“Once they have those skills, the hub is really a way for us at eBay to drive traffic to those businesses,” Gale said.

eBay is aiming to have 200 black women-led e-commerce businesses on its platform this year through the program. The tech giant is also working to increase diversity in three specific areas – its workforce, workplace and marketplace – by partnering with the Black Young Professionals network and Color In Tech to increase its own diversity in the workplace.

Black women entrepreneurs around the world have taken advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, starting their own businesses and taking their finances into their own hands. Moreover, their businesses are thriving. Alta Beauty, Target and other major retailers have created partnerships and business accelerator programs with small black businesses.

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