Embrace the fashion show once again in person


Everyone being included is the main concept throughout Embrace. The theme for this year’s inclusive fashion show is “Embrace Identity”.

“My goal is always everyone, every day, all day. Either way, if you are open and flexible you never know what can happen and how much you can enrich the lives of others around you as well as your own, ”said Betty Hurd, Program Director for fashion marketing.

Embracing identity is closely linked to inclusiveness, according to Hurd.

“We have a huge initiative at college with the relationship to diversity, equity and inclusion. Our students adopted it. We talk about it every day… Fashion is a way of expressing who you are, so that you can tell your story. You live your life and then, you know, the other piece is what you wear, but you wear as part of that first impression of who you are and who you identify with, ”Hurd said.

The entire Embrace process is democratic. Each year, students vote on the theme, which opens and closes the show and “pretty much everything in the classroom,” Hurd said.

While “kissing” will always be part of the theme, the rest of the theme is open to student input. Last year’s fashion show was “Embrace the Change,” which was only available through recordings due to the coronavirus.

Another way that inclusiveness is a strong message with Embrace is collaboration within the school. Photography students took photos of models for the book, and cosmetology students use their skills to style and make up the models.

“Mission and vision really just involves collaboration. We believe in everyone, everywhere, all day, ”said Hurd.

Another consistent message with Embrace is sustainability. Nothing can be bought new. Everything must be already owned, saved or recycled.

“Embrace also includes recycling, upcycling, reuse. We value the planet. The fashion industry, you know, has historically had, you know, high pollution and fast fashion and just kind of all of those things, ”Hurd said. “And as we become more and more aware as a society and in the world, by really looking at what the impact of fashion is, we want to commit to having a good planet. ”

The fashion show was held in person at Truax on Monday, November 22, while being broadcast live and recorded. An event book is available, filled with looks as well as stories to go with it.

An Alok talk followed the fashion show. Their talk was about self-celebration and breaking away from transphobia. Alok is an internationally renowned writer, performer and speaker recognized by the Office of Equity and Inclusion at Madison College. After the performance, there was a signing of Alok’s book, “Beyond the Gender Binary”.


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