“Enjoy the process of realizing your dreams”: Jeeveshu Ahluwalia

It is said that once we get what we desire, the charm of it is lost. As soon as we get what we crave, we tend to move on to the next desire. In this process, we often don’t realize that it’s the journey to that dream that adds thrill and excitement rather than just realizing it.

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Jeeveshu Ahluwalia, a popular stand-up actor, actor and animator, dreamed of achieving small things in life rather than aiming for the big ones. He believes the process of achieving those dreams is what matters. “The process is what I like,” he said.

He remembers how we worked in PVRs and pizzerias during our studies. He never dreamed of being a actor but he enjoyed and cherished all the things that happened that led him to where he is.

From working in a movie theater to sitting there while seeing himself on the big screen, his life has been nothing less than a dream. “That was the coolest part,” he said.

He remembers giving up his corporate job to do comedy. He cherishes his early experiences but loves the fact that he is following his passion. “Getting on stage is what I love. It’s the thrill for me,” he said.

Motivate everyone to dream and enjoying the process of achievement, he said, “I hope you have your dream, I hope you walk towards it and run towards it.”

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