Extravagant Eye Pockets: How Extreme Exhaustion Became This Year’s Trending Look | Fashion

Name: Dark circles.

Age: As old as mankind.

Appearance: Really pretty trendy, actually.

You lost me. Pockets under the eyes as in the pockets? For your eyes? No, the bags under the eyes as in the bags under the eyes. Those big, sagging dark circles that you have under your eyes when you are really tired. These things.

Uh-huh. And you say these are all the rage now? Indeed, they are.

Why? TIC Tac.

I should have guessed. Many people attribute the trend to a user named @saracarstens. A few months ago, she posted a video in which she applied makeup under her eyes in an attempt to mimic the kind of dark circles you would usually only expect to see in people who are very tired or sick. .

Again, why? It was apparently because she wanted to kiss the dark circles she had already spent so many years trying to cover up.

Oh I see. A recovery from our faults. A party! Yes, but at the same time the false circles make it look a bit under time.

And now is everyone getting started? They did more than that. They took the trend and followed it. Now, in the world of high fashion, you are very likely to see people with bags under their eyes adorned with jewelry.

What about Earth? At the Met Gala, models like Ella Emhoff were spotted with crystals around their eyes. Even Ben Platt glued a single crystal under each eye for the event.

And it looked good? No, it made him look like a creepy crying doll that had come to life to haunt us all. But hey, I don’t know fashion like him.

But this is the high end version. Yes. We mere mortals shouldn’t be worried about crystals under our eyes yet. The main thing remains the bags under the eyes.

Can you give me a tutorial? Sure. First of all, you should try to spend all of your time sitting in front of a screen, trying to meet the demands of a job that demands too much of you.

Oh great, I’m natural. After that it is the easy street. Don’t drink enough water. Get away from the amount of sleep your body needs. Before long you will look amazing.

You know, they first said dads were attractive. That’s right, they did.

And now the bags under the eyes are attractive. Again, bang on the money.

Am I… am I suddenly extremely attractive? No, because dirty hair, bad clothes, and a bitter worldview is still as unappealing as it ever was. But hey, hang in there and I’m sure TikTok will turn even your most unflattering features into a trend in no time.

Say: “Hey, you look cool.”

Do not say : “Thank you, it’s because I’m so exhausted that I’m legally prohibited from using heavy machinery. “

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