Fashion designer Catherine Prevost opens women’s boutique in Palm Beach

The store at Via Mizner 34 sells blouses, dresses, skirts, handbags and jewelry for women.

Catherine Prévost did not intend to pursue a career in the fashion industry after college.

But after meeting with a representative from investment banking firm Morgan Stanley during her senior year at Wellesley College, she packed her bags after graduation and headed to London.

“I went to an interview with Morgan Stanley, and the rep sat across from me looking at my resume,” said Prevost, a Florida-born, London-based fashion designer who owns the boutiques of women’s fashion Catherine Prevost in London and Palm Beach.

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“She saw that I was studying at the Sorbonne in Paris, and I took decorative art classes. I was really into art and fabrics and jewelry. She asked me what I was doing . She pushed my CV and told me to go to Europe, and I did. “

Prevost, whose Palm Beach store at 34 Via Mizner on Worth Avenue opened on November 22, took fine and decorative arts classes through Christie’s Education in London, then began to design and design. sell jewelry from his home there.

His career took off after the Harrods department store started selling his parts.

“It happened pretty quickly,” Prevost said of his fledgling designer career. “I was obsessed.”

Prevost returned to the United States and continued to sell jewelry, but returned to London and opened her own boutique.

His business has done very well in its location near Harrods, Prevost said, and it has attracted a celebrity crowd.

“We had Sarah Jessica Parker in there, we had Gwyneth Paltrow – it was so word of mouth,” she said. “I’ve had a lot of clients this way.”

Prevost kept the store open for a decade before taking a 10-year hiatus to raise a family.

She has four children aged 14 to 20.

“I was just a mom,” Prevost said.

She returned to her career after her friends convinced her that it was about time, but instead of designing jewelry full time, she chose to focus on clothes.

Prevost started designing blouses with colorful prints, then turned to dresses and skirts.

Her pieces, which are made in England, feature long, flowing sleeves and midi skirt lengths, and can be worn day or night, Prevost said.

“It’s kind of a stylish alternative to daytime dressing, as I find daytime dressing quite delicate,” she said of her collection, which is aimed at women 40 to 40. 70 years. “I’ve been told I’ve really pulled off this capsule collection that women can wear for anything. It’s chic, it’s always fun, and it’s modest. My curves are very flattering and feminine.”

Prevost’s designs, which feature prints of sea creatures created through her partnership with the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Environmental Fund, developed a dedicated following in London, and she went on to open a pop-up store. there, followed by a permanent location on Sloane Street.

She decided to open a second location – and her first in the United States – after participating in a trunk exhibit at the Colony Hotel in Palm Beach in April 2021.

“It was just fantastic,” she said of the event. “I think we sold 120 dresses in one day. I think that just struck a chord with people coming out of COVID. They didn’t want to be super dressed.”

Prévost began looking for locations in Palm Beach and moved to Via Mizner, where neighboring businesses include the AERIN Palm Beach boutique. Founder and Creative Director Aerin Lauder is a friend and a client, said Prevost.

The Via Mizner location, which was previously occupied by the CJ Laing clothing store, surrounds a small garden with tables and chairs.

“I love this space,” said Prévost. “I would love to organize events here.”

Prevost’s Palm Beach store carries items similar to those found in London, but it designs signature prints for the new location.

She also works closely with other designers to create signature handbags and jewelry for her Palm Beach clientele.

“Women want things they can’t get everywhere,” she said.

Prevost, who spent part of her childhood in Orlando and considers herself a Floridian, said she looks forward to spending more time in Palm Beach.

She is looking for an apartment on the island and hopes to get to know the area better.

In the meantime, she will continue to focus on her business, which she hopes to develop.

“I consider Palm Beach to be my flagship store because I would love to go to Atlanta, Charleston and Dallas,” she said. “I would love to do all of the south. My family is from North Carolina and I have southern roots. I think the femininity and flattery translates into these places.”

Palm Beach, however, remains special to her.

“It represents everything I love,” she said. “It’s stylish, it’s understated and I love meeting people here.”

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