FITNESS: Tips for adopting a healthy lifestyle

By Paudie O’Donovan, Neuromuscular physiotherapist

I GET so many people coming to my clinic to lose weight. I regularly hear things like: “I need to lose at least one stone” or “I have never been so heavy”.

In my 10 years of writing articles I have never written an article about weight loss and I am not going to start now. Instead of talking about a strict diet, why not focus on a healthy lifestyle instead and let weight loss become a side effect of your efforts?

Now I think slimming and weight loss classes are awesome. They keep you motivated and focused, but if you stop attending, the danger is that you’re back to square one. In my opinion, your healthy lifestyle should start at home. You must be determined to do it yourself with little or no help. That way, if you fail, you have no one to blame but yourself. We are what we choose to be and our body weight is determined by the food choices we choose to eat.

Here are some things to keep in mind for a healthier lifestyle:

• Cut down on junk food

• Reduce your sugar intake

• Reduce your alcohol consumption

• Drink more water

• Check your cholesterol, blood sugar and BMI

• Start walking or exercising

• Go back to a hobby you used to enjoy, it doesn’t have to be exercise

• Treat yourself to new clothes and make plans like booking a vacation and saying “I have to look my best here”.

• Go out more and meet your family and friends

Think carefully and try to make the best choice for you.

Skibbereen Athletics Club is hosting an event later this month for anyone looking to get more exercise. It’s the Noreen McCarthy Memorial Five and 10 Mile Road Run and Walk on Sunday, November 20 for local charities. See for more information.

Paudie O’Donovan is a Neuromuscular physiotherapist specializing in pain relief and improved mobility/flexibility. He runs a sports injury clinic in Skibbereen. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram or contact him at 086-2339618

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