Five things that can ensure a good night’s sleep

Sleep is an important aspect of daily functioning, which helps to keep the body healthy, and the mental and the emotional health of a healthy person. It also maintains the health of the skin intact by allowing regrowth and regeneration of cells.

Lack of sleep can disrupt your internal body clock and cause a host of problems, all of which can be reflected on the skin. Ankit Gaur, Managing Director of Marketing at Livpure, explains that irregular sleep patterns or less sleep leaves you with unbalanced, dehydrated and dull skin, prone to acne, wrinkles and scars.

It lists a few ways to ensure you get quality, restful sleep, by adding a few essentials to your life. Read on.

1. Invest in a good quality mattress: A poor quality mattress can cause pain and poor sleep quality. The best way to ensure good sleep is to invest in premium memory foam and Ayurvedic mattresses that benefit users and the planet. Quality sleep on the right mattress contributes to a healthy body, inside and out.

2. Use aromatherapy or misters: They are effective enough to provide adequate and good quality beauty sleep. For example, using a scent of lavender can improve sleep patterns. They not only provide healthy skin, but also help calm the mind so that you have a morning full of energy.

3. Invest in a silk sleep mask: You can invest in a good quality silk sleep mask that will prevent light from interfering with your sleep. Silk eye masks are soft and protect your face from wrinkles. You can also try using pillow cases and silk bedding for effective results.

4. Practice deep breathing: We often think that after a long and stressful day, sleep will come easily. But, there are times when stress keeps us from closing our eyes. This is where deep breathing techniques help. Techniques like the 4-7-8 help slow your heart rate and distract your attention from stress.

5. Use blackout curtains: You can use the blackout or room darkening curtains in your bedroom to prevent outside light from interfering with your sleep. They not only cut the light, but also help regulate the temperature and block out unwanted noise from outside.

“Other than that, things like reading a book or magazine in bed, meditating, doing yoga, keeping a journal, listening to soft music, or taking a hot shower can help with an effective sleep regimen so that you feel better. wake up fresh every day. , concludes Gaur.

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