GH actors need royalties too —Harold Amenyah

Actor Harold Amenyah thinks paying royalties to actors will go a long way in curbing the “threat” of some actors seeking financial help from Ghanaians to solve one problem or another.

Over the years, it has become disturbing how some TV and movie actors, who have even played leading roles and dominated our entertainment scene, end up asking for help.

Actors such as Psalm Adjeteyfio, Kohwe, Araba Stamp and William Addo, to name a few, have publicly reached out to ask for the support of Ghanaians, which some industry players see as an affront to their profession.

In the world of television and film, royalties, also known as residual rights, are payments made to actors, film or television directors, and others involved in the making of television programs. TV and movies when a TV show or movie is aired on rebroadcast, VCD or DVD release, syndicated and/or sold to a streaming service or cable network.

“It’s time for Ghanaian actors to get royalties for their hard work and I think that’s the only way for actors to stop begging money from Ghanaians.

“We have to receive royalties from the Audio Visual Rights Corporation of Ghana (ARSOG) or whatever institution responsible for us every time our films are aired, just like musicians get money every time their songs are played.

“The one-time payment for our work in the films doesn’t help, it’s just not enough.

“What happens to the movie actors such as David Dontoh, Fred Amugi, Kofi Adjorlolo and Grace Nortey, among others, have starred in all these years?

“They’re supposed to make money from all the movies they’ve been in through royalties, but unfortunately that’s not happening.

“They get a one-time payment which is not enough to retire,” said Harold Amenyah. Graphic Showbiz in a recent interview.

Harold Amenyah, who won the Best Dressed Man award at Ghana Film Awards in 2015, added that actors now had to fend for survival “and it is what it is now”.

“It’s no longer enough for actors to survive just by acting, we have to do something else; we should live comfortably off our acting earnings, but that’s not the current situation,” he said.

Talking about what he was currently working on, Harold Amenyah said outside of his Coffee break production that was broadcast on MX24he was also in the influence of the brand.

“Fortunately for me, I get a lot of gigs from companies and individuals who need my services.

“I’m a brand influencer for the National Football League (NFL), Ghandour Cosmetic and a few other brands, but I’m open to working with any company that needs my services,” he said.

Harold Amenyah made his acting debut in 2012 in a television series XOXO. He then acted in several Ghanaian films and series in Akan and English languages ​​such as 4Play Reloaded, Honor My Tears, A Sting in a Tale, Wedding Night, Every Woman Has a Story, Sadia and Eden.

In 2019, Harold Amenyah and other Ghanaian actors were selected to star in a return year 2019 film titled Joseph.

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