Gucci Love Parade had celebrities, leggings and western clothes at the LA show

It’s been almost two years since Gucci hosted an in-person show and on Tuesday, November 2, the Italian fashion house launched its Spring 2022 collection with the Hollywood-dedicated and Hollywood-inspired Gucci Love Parade.

After deciding to cut his original fashion schedule to just two shows a year in 2020, Gucci Creative Director Alessandro Michele experimented with the concept of presenting a whole new collection in new ways. Over the past few seasons, he’s hosted a multi-day film and fashion festival called Guccifest, launched a collection with a 12-hour livestream that captured the shoot of his campaign, and hacked Balenciaga’s creations. Michele had planned to show in the United States in early 2020, scheduled for this May in San Francisco, but that was ultimately canceled. Over a year later, Michele and his team finally landed on the West Coast, making his long-awaited return to the track.

Gucci Love Parade, in all its glamorous Hollywood glory, seemed to have made up for lost time and so much more. Ahead, we’re breaking down the best and most memorable moments from Gucci’s Spring 2022 runway show, from celebrity cameos on the runway to the variety of references in every look. Read on to find out more.

Gucci Love Parade: the parade took place on Hollywood Boulevard

Gucci closed an entire block of Hollywood Boulevard to showcase its latest collection. The exact location had a lot of ties and references to the city’s long history in cinema, from the Walk of Fame hotspot as a runway for models to the famous Disney-owned El Capitan theater as the backdrop for the show. “Hollywood is, after all, a Greek temple populated by pagan deities,” Michele wrote in the show’s notes for Gucci Love Parade. “Here, actors and actresses are recognized as heroes of the myth; hybrid creatures with the power to hold both divine transcendence and mortal existence, both imaginary and real.

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Gucci Love Parade: Model Cast Included Our Favorite Celebrities

The show’s ultimate surprise was an appearance by not one, but nearly a dozen celebrities who shaped the Spring 2022 collection. St. Vincent was the first celebrity to land the catwalk that night, while Phoebe Bridgers made her runway debut (with boyfriend Paul Mescal sitting on the sidelines to attend the moment), with Macaulay Culkin, Jodie Turner-Smith, Miranda July, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Jared Leto, expected to play in the next movie Gucci House. Broadway artist Jeremy Pope, musical artists Steve Lacy and Hayden Pedigo, activist Janaya Khan and Grace Johnson (sister of Dakota Johnson) also paraded for the Italian fashion house.

Gucci Love Parade: the front row was just as filled with famous faces

Of course, the show’s front row was also filled with celebrity names, including famous brand friends Billie Eilish, Dakota Johnson, and Miley Cyrus. Italian rock band and Eurovision Song Contest 2021 winners Måneskin also landed an invitation to the show, in addition to Lizzo, Tracee Ellis Ross, Serena Williams, Natasha Lyonne, and more. Gwyneth Paltrow arrived in a red velvet suit that fans may recognize as the Tom Ford look for Gucci she wore at the 1996 MTV VMAs. (However, her look was an updated version of Gucci’s 100th anniversary collection. Sadly, longtime Gucci muse Harry Styles, who is currently on tour, couldn’t make a pit stop to support his pal Michele, but the singer’s girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, did. appearance. instead of.

Gucci Love Parade: Alessandro Michele paid tribute to his love for costume design

Michele has been fascinated by Hollywood since he was a child. Her mother worked in the film industry and often told her stories about Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Veronica Lake, and other screen sirens from the past. This interest stuck with him while he was studying costume design and throughout his maximalism and vintage tenure at Gucci.

Today, her latest collection focuses solely on the aesthetics of Hollywood’s golden age, with dreamy evening dresses and 70s-inspired costumes that pay homage to old movies and costume designers. that were behind them, as well as fishnet tights, headdresses (a tiara!), loofa-style stoles and faux fur coats to finish off each look.

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Gucci Love Parade: Iconic LA Style and Western Clothing Also Influenced Designs

“It was an amazing place where fashion had a special space,” Michele told a post-show press group about the style of LA, a city he has visited more frequently over the past seven years. “It was fashion like a need. There was no fashion as an intention and it was fascinating. The aesthetic, known these days to include mostly sportswear and lots of designer logos – a pair of leggings is okay for Pilates classes, a quick trip to Erewhon, and dining on a hotel rooftop – infiltrated Michele’s designs, including athletic sets and matching bike shorts.

The American western was also a source of inspiration, especially the cowboy hat, which dominated the majority of looks on the runway. “I used [the cowboy hat] like an object of seduction, an object of liberation, ”explained Michele, whose point of reference was the symbolism of the accessory within queer culture, gay clubs and discos. “They left the western world and now they’re everywhere… It’s a very complex hat to make.

Gucci Love Parade: accessories will be everywhere in spring 2022

While most of the evening dresses and costumes in the collection will be shown widely on the red carpet for future awards shows, movie premieres, and big celebrity appearances, Gucci’s new accessories are sure to be a hit among us. , the regulars. The very first black studded eyelet handbag and crystal-embellished sunglasses are likely to honor the street style crowd in fashion month, while Gucci’s embellished dad caps and chunky wrap-around frames could easily be worn. blend in with LA’s hippest residents. And if you’re amused by Michele’s oft-referenced topic of erotica, then maybe you’re daring enough to wear a pair of latex gloves, a sex toy-inspired necklace, or a star-shaped bake. next spring.

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