Here are the Top Emojis Celebrities Are Using on Instagram in 2022

Celebrities and Instagram personalities love emojis, and honestly, who doesn’t? With the likely release of 31 new emojis on iOS and Android, World Emoji Day also arrives on July 17. With that in mind, today seems like a good day to explore the most popular emojis that celebrities use most often.

Freedom Mobiles collected data from each post of the 50 most followed celebrities on Instagram. The goal is to see which emojis celebrities use the most.

Watch the best emojis celebrities use on Instagram

The company was able to obtain this data through Phantombuster. Freedom Mobiles grabbed every Instagram post from each of the 50 most-followed celebrities on Instagram. Lists of the 5 most used emoticons for the 50 celebrities are included, and the celebrities are ranked by number of followers. Freedom Mobiles also pulled the 10 most used emojis for the 50 celebrities combined. Data was collected on July 11, 2022.

The company looked at the 50 most-followed celebrities on Instagram, ranging from “King of Instagram” Cristiano Ronaldo, to celebrities such as Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Kim and Khloe Kardashian, Beyonce, Selena Gomez and more. ‘others.

While users can have fun exploring the top 50 celebrities list – seeing who made the cut may actually surprise you – but which celebrities are using which emojis is also rather interesting.

Freedom Mobiles scoured Instagram to find the emojis celebrities use the most. (Photo credit: Freedom Mobiles.)

Additionally, many use emojis to help promote a specific brand, such as The Rock using the goblet glass emoji 2,940 times to represent his tequila, many also use emojis to show their patriotism. For example, singer and fashionista Rhianna likes to show her support for her home country, Barbados, by displaying the country’s flag 55 times in her posts. Of course, some just want to show their support for the LGBTQ+ community, which is how the pride flag is seen 61 times in celebrity posts.

Deepen emojis

Of course, some celebrities have iconic brands that translate well to the emoji world. For example, the legendary Beyonce is the queen bee to her fans, which is probably why she includes the bee emoji 113 times in her posts.

Likewise, Lebron James, often known as King (shout out Akron, Ohio!), likes to include a crown with many of his Insta posts because the basketball legend has used the crown emoji 1,271 times. .

Of course, when it comes to celebrities, they naturally find themselves magnetized by a camera. That’s why it’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian used the emoji 165 times. An impressive number, although far from the 1,597 uses of the camera emoji by Justin Bieber.

The top ten emojis used by celebrities in July 2022. (Photo credit: Freedom Mobiles.)

Freedom Mobiles also looked at the most used emojis of the top 50 most followed celebrities combined. It’s no surprise that the number one emoji used by celebrities is the red heart, with 12,741 uses. Next is the laughing crying emoji at 10,603 uses. Fire, high five, sparks, arm and fist curl also all made the top ten.

Recently, the Unicode Consortium is considering a range of 31 new emojis that could be coming to iOS and Android. In terms of emojis, remember that iOS 16 now also allows for more Memoji options.

You can find the rest of the top 50 on the Freedom Mobiles website.

What’s your favorite emoji to use? What are you looking forward to when the new emojis arrive? Are you like me and don’t know who some of these Instagram celebrities are? Let us know in the comments.

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