Iconic Celebrity Moments Hit By BTS V Aka Taehyung

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Thai rapper, singer and dancer Lisa Manobal, better known by her stage name Lisa, was born on March 27, 1997 in Buriram Province, Thailand. She is currently a South Korean citizen. She is part of Blackpink. Although she legally changed Pranpriya Manobal’s first name to Lalisa, Pranpriya Manobal was her first name at birth. She is Thai in both heritage and citizenship. Lisa Manobal, better known by her stage name Lisa, is a Thai rapper, singer and dancer born on March 27, 1997 in the province of Buriram. She currently resides in South Korea. It belongs to Blackpink. Pranpriya Manobal was her first name at birth, despite the fact that she legally changed it to Lalisa. She is a Thai citizen and has Thai ancestry. His career began in the South Korean music industry, and soon after he burst onto the international charts, creating another K-pop milestone for the nation. BTS has a large fanbase both online and offline, with over five million followers on their Twitter profile in 2017. Girls make up the majority of their fanbase as they adore their adorable looks and personality. pleasant !

Disha Patani uploaded the music video for the song along with her favorite BTS songs over the weekend. Disha’s favorite song is called “ON,” and she highlighted and showered love on BTS member V (formerly known as Kim Taehyung). We’re curious how her alleged love interest Tiger Shroff felt about it.

She highlighted V in the video as he showed off the difficult dance while supporting his teammate Jin. She posted it on social media, separating the letters of the alphabet with stickers.

On her Instagram account, Anushka Sen recently hosted an “Ask Me Anything” session. And one of his followers asked him which song from the famous K-Pop group BTS was his favorite. Along with a purple heart emoji, the fan asked, “Do you enjoy boy band BTS? Who is your favorite BTS member? In response, Anushka shared a photo of BTS V and admitted that she is a fan of BTS boy band and V is her favorite member.

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