Indie Lifestyle Brand Misc. Goods Co. expands into personal care

New developments in deodorants and antiperspirants range from microbiome-boosting probiotic blends to more sustainable and environmentally friendly aerosols.

According to Luke Nadolny, Market Research Analyst, Consumer Products, Klinecategory trends revolve around a focus on deodorants that position themselves as natural and clean as well as brands focused on sustainability.

Independent lifestyle brand Miscellaneous Goods Co. announced the relaunch of its natural deodorant line with two fan-favorite scents, Underhill and Valley of Gold. The natural deodorant line is made in the USA and was recently reformulated to be “non-irritating with long-lasting and effective odor protection,” the company said.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky and founded by designer Tyler Deeb, Misc. Goods Co. is committed to remaining ethical in all manufacturing and partnering practices.

“We created Underhill and Valley of Gold natural deodorants because natural deodorant is more than just a trend,” Deeb said. “Wearing aluminum and paraben-free formulas is caring for our bodies and using eco-friendly packaging is caring for our communities. Our new formulas offer a smoother and more pleasant application and contain only non-irritating ingredients. Getting better is part of running a business and I’m very happy to report that our natural deodorants have improved a lot.

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