Instagram Account Edits Celebrities To Look Like Influencers, And The Internet Has Mixed Feelings

Social media is a playground for filtered photos, and today’s influencer culture makes it difficult to decipher what’s real and what’s Photoshop.

Beauty standards for women are constantly changing, and now even the most stunning celebrities can’t keep up. An Instagram account known as Goddess Women has gained over 377,000 followers for posting edited images of actors like Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie and Dakota Johnson. Are these photos Insta-ready or just unrealistic?

In a post, Goddess Women shared a slideshow featuring an edited version of Jennifer Aniston as Rachel on Friends. “She’s already beautiful, no need to use those filters,” one Instagram user commented. “Stop posting celebrities with ultrafilters,” said another. “They’re beautiful the way they really are! It’s unhealthy.

In another post shared on the account, Winona Ryder is seen holding hands with her former boyfriend Johnny Depp circa 1990s. Only it is Ryder’s face that is edited out, while Depp remains untouched and unfiltered. .

In an interview with bored panda, the Goddess Women founder said she understands why critics think the account promotes unrealistic beauty standards, but suggested it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. “I get them, but they should know it’s just Photoshop, it’s art,” she said. The creator started the Instagram account in 2018 as a way to post edits for fun. “I think people are obsessed with looking perfect because of the followers and the likes they get with their ‘perfection,'” she said. “It’s sad, but you get a lot more attention on social media when you look good.”

This isn’t the first time Goddess Women has made noise on the internet. In 2021, Twitter users shared their distaste for celebrity edits, saying it set an unrealistic beauty standard for women who are already beautiful.

“We all have one enemy in common, and that’s goddess.women on Instagram,” @cosmicsolace tweeted.

One Twitter user even compared the phenomenon to an episode of Black Mirror, where all the women share the same Photoshopped face.

The jury is out on whether accounts like these are harmful or if they’re all fun. However, the internet may agree that these celebrity accounts spark discussion about the social media beauty standard.

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