IPod shuffle makes a comeback … as a TikTok fashion trend

Apple’s first trending gadget is making a comeback. The second generation iPod shuffle introduced just over 15 years ago is enjoying a resurgence in popularity on none other than TikTok. The second, third, and fourth generation iPod shuffles all had built-in clips and were available in a wide variety of color options, making them easily portable. TikTok is known to be a launching pad for trends like this, so it’s not necessarily a surprise. As noted by Information, iPod shuffle is not the only one to experience such a surge in popularity. Other retro gadgets are also making a comeback, led by millennials.

A few weeks ago, TikTokers started sharing clips featuring the second-generation iPod shuffle as a hair clip. They use them both as stand-alone fashion accessories and as music players with wired headphones. Wired headphones are also making a comeback, which we talked about more in November. A quick search on TikTok returns tons of results showing users accessorizing with old iPod shuffles. The first video to be released on @sailorkiki’s social network has now accumulated over 2 million views and nearly 350,000 likes. But the hair clip trend isn’t the only one that is increasing the popularity of iPod shuffle.

According to News week, millennials on TikTok also share funny iPod shuffle clips, claiming they don’t know what it is. The jokes apparently sparked older TikTokers, highlighting a rather hilarious generational divide. There is no doubt that older Apple products, especially iPods, have generated great interest as nostalgia grows for them.

Like the hair clip TikTok video, the Millennium Joke has racked up millions of views and hundreds of thousands of likes.

Apple retired the iPod shuffle in 2017, so it hasn’t been sold for 5 years. But the iPod shuffle model that seems to be doing the trick is mostly the second generation. The pastel colors of September 2007 seem to be the most popular at the moment, with the brighter tones of early 2007 and late 2008 fading into the background.

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