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Born and raised in Guam, Chinese melodic rap artist JNK Stunno released his debut album “Nebula” on October 7.

“Nebula is the journey to become a star in the music industry,” said the 15-year-old, whose real name is James Luo. “A nebula is basically a cloud of gas that forms in space after a star explodes.

JNK Stunno has already released singles, such as “But Me” and Insomnia (Calling My Name) this year, and “EUPHORIA” and “GO IN” last year.

“I think being the title of my debut album is symbolic because this project could very well be the start of my explosion into stardom,” said the former Tamuning resident, who now frequents Temple City. High School in Temple City, California, after studying. at Father Dueñas Memorial School his freshman year.

Childhood in Guam

Growing up in Guam, JNK Stunno’s passion for music started when he was around 7 years old listening to many Justin Bieber and One Direction tracks.

He was comfortable singing in his home, but when it came to huge crowds, he was terrified when he took the stage when he performed at St. John’s School, where he attended primary and secondary school.

“I used to play in my primary school, but I didn’t continue playing because I didn’t feel used to the idea of ​​being watched by an audience,” he said. “I wish I had done more gigs just to get rid of my stage fright.

“The difficulties I had to deal with were other people laughing at me for making music and not taking me seriously,” he added. “I got over them by just blocking them out and knowing that they don’t see the vision like me.

“I’m hooked on the idea of ​​creating art and I’m passionate because music has been such a big part of my life.”

Inspired by Guam

Now living in California, he said his experiences in Guam gave him more motivation to succeed.

“I am inspired by the island experience because since living on such a small island, all of my friends and affiliates have felt closer to me on a personal level and motivated me to make music” , did he declare. “Not many musicians get noticed here, so I want to try to put Guam on the map in the future.

“I hope to connect with people who are already in the industry and create a new sound that makes me unique,” ​​he added.

“My future plans are to inspire or help people with my music because I feel like that’s what I’m good at and what I’m really passionate about.”

musical inspiration

He is inspired by artists such as XXXTENTACION, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Khalid.

“I want others to feel like they can listen to the album again and again,” JNK Stunno said. “I also want other people to have a song they can listen to and relate to.

“The message of the album is about our generation because everyone wants to be a star in their own way, whether it’s by getting famous, winning accolades, etc.”, he added.

Recording with iPhone and AirPods JNK Stunno’s creative process is unique because he only uses an iPhone and AirPods to record his music.

“I’ve never really used studio equipment, but I can still maintain the quality of my music,” JNK Stunno said. “I think just using an iPhone with AirPods to record music is convenient for me because those are the two things I always carry with me.

“I also think it just goes to show that you don’t need a whole studio and professional equipment to make great music,” he said. “I make sure to maintain the quality of my music by putting a lot of time and effort into it and making sure the song meets my expectations.”

Reflecting on the creative process, JNK Stunno enjoyed recording and testing different style beats for his album “Nebula” because he wanted to show off his versatility and how far he could stretch his sound.

“My album is a collection of the emotions I was feeling right now,” said JNK Stunno. “Each song on this album has a personal meaning for me and listening to them all again has given me satisfaction with my work.

“I was emotionally affected after listening to the final product because this album is a collection of all my hard work over the past year,” he added.

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