Kajal Aggarwal talks about his mother’s ‘massive guilt’

Parents would agree that no matter how beautiful parenting is, it’s also extremely difficult. Balancing responsibilities, careers, and housework isn’t easy. Juggling different roles, parents also feel guilty for not spending time with their children.

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As such, the actor Kajal Aggarwalmother of a child, recently confided in what is called “mother’s guilt”.

“I suffer from massive mum guilt. It’s very hard for me to go to the gym,” the actor said in an interview with Neha Dhupia for her Freedom to Feed parenting and breastfeeding initiative.

She added: “Fortunately, I have help at home. At first, I was not very comfortable leaving the baby alone with just help. The actor mentioned that she was still anxious while doing it.

She said she used to think that someone had to ‘be there family, and who is that someone – it has to be me’.

“Tomorrow I’m supposed to go back to work and I’m dying,” Kajal said.

She added that whenever she had to go out of the house, even for small things “like a day of shooting for an endorsement or something like that — I would wear props.”

“I would take my pumps and try to express myself and I would always have this feeling of lack in my head,” she said.

Describing her give birth experience, the actor added, “The minute my baby was on my chest, the world fell apart. I was crying and those nine months of hardships and challenges just disappeared.

Earlier, in an interview with She people it, neha dupia also talked about mom’s guilt. “Every night, after the kids go to bed around 8:30 p.m., we think about going out for dinner. But if I go, I will delay my wake-up time in the morning. I want to be alert and be there when my kids wake up,” she said.

The actor added: “Mom’s guilt is too harsh. No mum would ever deny that.

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