Kamloops-based fashion designer and models gear up for New York Fashion Week

Seven Kamloops-based models of all experience levels will join her in New York for the chance to perform on her show.

“Some of them have modeled in Vancouver and the area before, but some of them are pretty new, but they’re beautiful and inclusive, which is great,” Dixon said.

“We are planning to do a track training day in a few weeks, just so everyone knows what to expect.”

She’s been working on outfits for this year’s show for about six months. She focused on making more luxurious pieces than she had done before.

“The collection itself is quite spicy; it’s definitely my brand.

“I work with a lot of red and black prints and animals and sassy stuff, so there’s red and black zebra prints, there’s faux leather, faux fur.”

“You kind of learn as you run a business, what people buy, what people don’t buy, I sell a lot of casual stuff, but the prices are so, for me, sometimes Out of Reach With Shein and Zara and H&M, you can buy all that casual stuff for around twenty bucks.

“I really had to rework my business model a little bit where I want my brand to be primarily… either the couture, the red carpet. It’s going to be a slow transition – I’m not going to force myself into anything – but I’m just going to keep going and see where it takes me.

The models will parade on September 10.

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