Liberal celebrities think Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter is very dangerous, why?

ESince the gossip started about by Elon Musk In an attempt to take over Twitter, the liberal left was the first to be outraged at the mere idea that a public platform belonged to one man. They immediately started comparing Elon Musk the fact that Jeff Bezos possesses The Washington Post. Other large conglomerates also own the biggest media companies in the world and even heads of state have their own media. Watch Twitter as a communication tool it’s always been for journalistic purposes, making it a private enterprise leaves it on the verge of eventually turning it into a place where there are far more restrictions than exist already.

But by Elon Musk plan has been clearly laid out for everyone to see, it intends to transform the platform into a place where true freedom of expression exists, whatever that means. Or Musk fails to get the full picture is that this so-called free speech has been abused for years by extremists on both sides of the spectrum; liberals and conservatives. Certainly, everyone should be free to have their own opinion as long as it doesn’t violate anyone’s other freedoms or philosophies. The extreme sides of both spectra tend to attempt a hostile imposition of their ideas which never has much result. This is one of the reasons the world has become so polarized in recent years.

Is Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter dangerous?

Many celebrities considered liberal opposed this takeover, Cate Blanchett speaks for each of them with here the most recent answer on Variety“It’s dangerous. That’s all I have to say, it’s very, very dangerous.” If Elon Musk does not establish proper rules that can ban hate speech easily, then his takeover is definitely dangerous. People are outraged that far-right figures like Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene come back from their permanent bans. If they get their way back and continue to use the platform to incite chaos or violence against the other political spectrum, they shouldn’t be allowed to come back on Twitter in the first place. From this point of view, any type of hate speech should be prohibited, however mild or nuanced.

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