Lifestyle Changes – How I realized I was living a healthier life.

Full disclosure, I had a very unhealthy life before I started going to Bodynetix. Eating fatty fast food regularly because it was so much easier than cooking. Stuffing on the weekends because it was indulgent. Maybe hit a trail once a month for a fairly leisurely walk. I knew that changing those habits, those patterns, those coping mechanisms…really – changing my lifestyle – was the key to healthy, lasting changes.

It is discouraging though. Turning your life upside down and changing so much about what makes you feel comfortable isn’t something most people can do overnight. So one day I decided that I shouldn’t focus on changing everything but making small changes that are easy to integrate. When Robyn came up to us at the station saying we could get Bodynetix passes and we could all go to lunch together; it was a small change that I thought I could get.

Just a few weeks; I started noticing something. I don’t want fast food anymore! It was after an evening class. We hadn’t had dinner yet, so Nicole and I discussed what we should eat. When she suggested pizza, a meal I rarely say “no” to, I emphatically said no. The idea of ​​the once glorious fat, after a workout, seemed wrong. And the change continued in all facets of my eating habits. Lunches are now more balanced. I make smaller breakfasts and make sure to eat more regularly rather than sporadically throughout the day.

This change, which seemed so small the moment I realized it, continued to snowball. Now I eat healthier because my body doesn’t crave bad food anymore and I don’t want to undermine all my progress. That said, I don’t run in terror over a burger or hide from a pizza. Don’t get me wrong, I still indulge from time to time. But it became a treat. Something I only do on rare occasions (not as rare as I would like you to think), and the change started the first time I walked through the door of Bodynetix!

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