Local resident models during Fashion Week

Hot Springs’ Keme Rynders, a Royal International Miss Ozark Country Preteen, shown during New York Fashion Week on February 12 at Gotham Hall.

“I was really excited to go. It was a really fun trip, and I just got to meet so many cool people. Hope this gives me a lot more experiences as a model, ”said Rynders.

Rynders, who has wanted to model since she was a child, said she thought it would be a good experience for her.

She said she was 9 when she realized she wanted to model, noting how she would play dress up in her bedroom.

“I had this big drawer full of clothes and stuff I was going to model in.… It was really fun. I grew up loving fashion and everything about it, ”said Rynders.

“I think fashion is important because you want to dress well and make yourself presentable.”

Rynders has done competitions and modeling in the past, which has resulted in him landing acting gigs.

“I think that’s why they chose me, and I think they’ll shoot me in the future because I’ve been really good with them,” she said.

“Modeling at New York Fashion Week was a really good experience, and I hope they pick me up for things to come,” she said.

Modeling is important to her because she can show off whatever clothes or items the designer wants the public to see, Rynders said.

“You can model different things and show different brands to get more money for other brands,” she said.

“I think it’s really cool to model different clothes and see what you like, see what you want to try on and everything,” Rynders said.

“I can make it so that everyone can see it. I want to inspire other people to model in case they want to grow up and be a model,” she said. “I can be a role model for them and show them how to do it.”

Shannon “Dee” Rynders, mother of Keme Rynders, said the process to get her daughter into fashion week was “trimmed and dry,” noting that they submitted a photo to designer Sherri Dvorkin Carter who then decided if she was good enough to walk.

“Sherri is the designer of Eye Candy Couture. She was the one who organized the event for the fashion week,” said Shannon Rynders, noting that her daughter was walking for her and Avadora Mimouni.

“It was really surreal because I never imagined she would do something like that. I know she loves it, ”she said. “It’s one thing to dream of walking to Fashion Week, but to go, it was pretty awesome.”

“I was just sitting there watching her come back as one of the people watching her, and she looked like she had been doing it all her life.” I didn’t see her looking nervous. … I was rather impressed at how well she did. “

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