Lowe Says Griffith “Not Royalty,” Announces Republican Challenge | Govt. & Politics

A challenger says she’s ready to try and unseat incumbent U.S. Representative Morgan Griffith in the 9th District.

Republican Kimberly Lowe said she had been considering running for federal office for years and decided to run in the June primary against Griffith, R-Salem, who is seeking a seventh term.

Previously, in 2021, Lowe ran for state senate in the 38th district. She was one of six Republicans who sought to replace the late Sen. Ben Chafin, in a race ultimately won by Sen. Travis Hackworth, R-Tazewell.

“I see ways to help people, and I can’t completely help people without all the politics,” Lowe said Wednesday. “I’ve done a lot of groundwork, especially in Southwest Virginia, but I can’t really solve problems without politics.”

Part of that groundwork is helping families navigate child protective services and working with elected officials to improve communities, she said.

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Aspects of his platform include addressing the continuing effects of the opioid epidemic, reforming family courts, increasing support for those experiencing domestic violence, and improving access to health care. mental health, she said.

“Morgan Griffith is not royalty,” Lowe said. “Being a leader is more than voting. You need to have effective politics that will actually help people, and politics shouldn’t be so divisive.

As an example, Lowe said any political party should focus on creating jobs in the region, addressing food insecurity, stopping the rampant flow of drugs into communities, and helping the treatment of people with addictions.

“Some of these questions are so non-partisan,” Lowe said. “People can’t wait, and that’s why I’m here. It’s not about me. I’m ready to go through any fire I have to go through to save these people.

Cycles of suffering are perpetuated, especially in deep southwest Virginia, by indifferent and inattentive leaders, she said.

“It’s a cycle we can end… We have so much money, why aren’t we using it wisely?” Lowe said. “It’s not a problem of lack of money. It’s just bad politics… I just think there are a lot of creative solutions.

Lowe, a mother of three, said she owns a farm in Roanoke County. She taught at schools in the city of Roanoke, among other careers in archeology and anthropology, agriculture and political counseling, according to a news release.

“People are suffering. They don’t have a job. They don’t have access to food. They kill each other,” Lowe said. “It’s a life or death situation, and we can’t wait for someone else to fix it.”

The Griffith campaign could not immediately be reached for comment.

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