Madonna feels irritated when her 16-year-old son’s fluid fashion choices look better than her

Madonna says it 16 years old son wears his clothes better than her

The Queen of Pop went to visit her pal jimmy fallon and the Tonight Show and said her son definitely surpasses her in his own outfits

On Wednesday night, she spoke candidly about the swagger “He can put on any outfit and look swag like you know what”

He looks like a guy even with a dress

“It’s really annoying. He wears my clothes and he looks better in it. He can even wear a dress and look like a guy.”

Match between Gucci and Adidas

And proof of his son’s swagger was seen in May when they both attended the WBA lightweight world championship in Brooklyn wearing matching Adidas outfits.

David Banda likes to wear flowing clothes and has good taste in determining her outfits and likes to be fashionable as there are always cameras around.

David Banda has been working in music since 2006

Madonna has predicted Banda to be the next big thing ever since she told Fallon that “he’ll end up being one of your guests” and has been working on music since 2006.

Fallon backed up his opinion by saying that indeed “he has it.” He has magic. He’s funny, he’s charming, he’s athletic, he’s a handsome guy.”

She learned that her career was over in 1984

Madonna also remembered when she thought her career was over before she became what we know now when she accidentally flashed the crowd leaving her to be seen in the 1984 MTV Music Awards.

“It was the time when you didn’t have to show your ass to make a career. Now it’s the opposite.”

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