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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle “randomly” contacted Tom Holland and Zendaya “out of the blue”, it has been claimed. Meghan and Harry wanted to arrange a secret meeting with the hottest couple in Hollywood right now – but the approach has left the Spider-Man stars confused. Royal expert Richard Eden says both Tom and Zendaya were “bewildered” by the approach.

It was understood that Harry and Meghan made the approach because they were scrambling to attract guests for their Spotify podcasts.

The couple are under increasing pressure to post content after nothing was posted last year.

Daily Mail editor Mr Eden said: “Harry and Meghan courted Tom Holland and Zendaya.

“They have a lot in common. Like Harry, Tom is an English boy who grew up in London, he now has his American actress girlfriend.

“It looks like Harry and Meghan want Tom and Zendaya’s stardust to rub off on them.”

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The paper’s editor continued: “It’s unclear why they wanted to meet them – and the meeting happened – but it could well be because they wanted them on their podcast.

“What a blast it would be for their first real podcast, to have the sexiest Hollywood couple alive right now. Whether they pulled it off remains to be seen.”

Journalist Charlotte Griffiths replied: “They released a lot of big guns for their first podcast. They had Elton John, so they called a few contacts for their first.

“And then he just disappeared into the ether, so probably a wise move to woo Tom Holland.”

One of Harry’s old friends told Mr Eden: “Tom and Zendaya were pretty puzzled, from what I hear.

“Tom had never met Harry or spoken to him in his life, so he didn’t know what they wanted.”

More than a year after signing a whopping £18m podcast deal, the only content to emerge from their Spotify deal is a 33-minute celebratory special airing in December 2020.

Last week it was reported that audio giant Spotify had had enough of the couple and had taken over production of the Sussexes’ project.

Public relations expert Anthony Burr, of London-based Burr Media, told Newsweek: “It’s vitally important for Harry and Meghan to deliver here, not just because of the mouth-watering contracts they’ve managed to secure. negotiate, but also as a signal to other potential companies that can be counted on to deliver on their promises, offer good value for money and generate a return on investment.”

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