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Various appointments are available for students, including individual, couple, group and crisis counseling, which are accessible by phone. (Isaias Ruelas / Daily Titan)

Finding accessible mental health resources is essential and it is not as complicated as some might think. Taking care of your mental health is more essential than ever, but in many cases navigating treatment starts with taking the first step – the hardest part of any decision. Successfully passing this first hurdle will be worth it for the positive progress that awaits us.

Here are five ways to start your journey to better mental health.

1. Cal State Fullerton Counseling and Psychology Services

The university offers a myriad of mental health services to students. Currently, these services are offered online, making them more accessible to anyone who stays healthy and safe at home.

VSmaking appointments are available, including individual, couple, group and crisis counseling. Offer of wellness programs workshops for mood, stress, thinking and sleep, and different therapy groups are offered every semester. This spring, students can look forward to groups like “Managing Stress and Anxiety During COVID-19” and “Healing From Trauma”.

Free groups are easy to join with no registration or pre-selection required. Some groups include “… While Black” and “Graduate Student Support Group”.

The recently launched platform YOU puts tips and tools right in your pocket. Students have access to a variety of articles, videos, and resources, ranging from mindfulness, balance, fitness and nutrition, to various guides on academic or career goals.

2. Orange County Mental Health Association

This association offers support to various groups of people such as the homeless, those with hoarding and those in need of treatment for substance use disorders.

Their wellness Center offers several support groups, including emotional, physical, spiritual and community groups.

3. Online resources

This approach is perfect for people who don’t want to leave the house and are happy to communicate virtually.

Discussion space connects people with licensed therapists who provide ongoing support through secure messaging platforms and live video sessions.

Betterhelp is another option that addresses areas like anxiety, depression, relationships, and grief. This is a membership platform and the cost ranges from $ 60 to $ 90 per week. Users can speak with advisers using messages, live chat sessions, phone calls, or video conferences.

4. Netflix

Yes, you read that right – Netflix. The content platform and production company create documentaries and programs on mental health. “The spirit, explainedIs a limited series that discusses how the human brain works and explores topics such as dreams and mental health issues like anxiety. Taking an educational approach to mental health could be a step in the right direction for anyone who wants to think more deeply about cognitive function.

Another new series titled “Headspace guide to meditation»Take a lively and light approach to the benefits of meditation. In eight episodes, the series provides advice on how to begin your meditation journey.

5. YouTube

If you want to learn more about just about anything, YouTube has the answer. Mental health resources are no exception. There are an endless number of helpful videos for anyone looking to get better or learn more about mental health. In some cases, contacting a professional can seem intimidating, but Youtube is a small step that people can take in their daily lives and see positive results.

Watch videos such as 7 things that are harming your mental health,“”5 minute meditation that you can do anywhere“and”10 tips for maintaining your sanity. “

There is not just one way to access reliable sources. By doing a little research, you can find what works best for you, whether it’s planning a five-minute meditation time or making an appointment with CAPS. The important thing is that you take this first step towards better mental health.

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