“Met a legend in Mecca” – Khabib Nurmagomedov meets royalty on his religious trip

MMA fans certainly know that Khabib Nurmagomedov is religious. His calm demeanor and polite demeanor when interacting with fans stem in part from the beliefs he instilled from his childhood. He might have been a world famous MMA fighter, but he didn’t give up on his roots.


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Khabib has retired and as a result can enjoy a much more peaceful life. He is still closely involved in the training of other Dagestan fighters. However, he deserves a break. On Instagram, ‘The Eagle’ posted several photos of him visiting Mecca. He was accompanied by Islam Makhachev and other acquaintances.


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In a photo with Makhachev, Khabib was seen in white robes while Makhachev was dressed in blue. Both seemed at peace and happy to be there. Her Instagram posts received a lot of love and in just a few hours, were inundated with likes and comments.

He also met Nasser bin Hamad Al Khalifa; the Commander of the Bahraini Royal Guard. Khabib wrote, “My brother from Bahrain”.

The veteran has completed his Hajj pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, as have the other worshipers.

Also earlier this year, Khabib visited the holy place and even wished everyone on Eid day. Incidentally, during his visit, he met Prince Naseem Hamed. Khabib shared a photo with the former British boxer and wrote: “I accidentally met a legend in Mecca. Nice to meet you brother.


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in about 1 hour

Also on his trip to Mecca in May, he traveled with several friends and teammates. As they all share a brotherly bond, this is not at all surprising.

What’s next for Khabib Nurmagomedov?

Several UFC fighters challenged the Russian fighter after his retirement. But Khabib is done with MMA and has no plans to return one day. He is involved in the sport as a coach and is regularly seen training and witnessing his teammates’ fights.


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Khabib’s father was his trainer and under his leadership Khabib managed to achieve what other fighters can only dream of. His undefeated record sets him apart from all other fighters. Hence, he has now taken on the role of coach so that he can help other fighters leave their mark and carry on the legacy.

With the former UFC lightweight champion as their coach, young fighters will certainly benefit a lot. Fans are hoping to see Khabib assist and support his teammates in their upcoming fights as well.


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