Minions: Are these turgid little men the future of fashion?

Tens of thousands of people gathered in central London over the weekend to watch Adele give her first public performance in five years. But, after an afternoon of canned gin and tonic, all those bladders began to harden into barrels as “Make You Feel My Love” became the unwitting piss-squat soundtrack of a mostly middle-aged audience. . Meanwhile, teenagers across the United States managed to show some decorum, donning shiny shoes and work-experience costumes to attend the opening night of the new Minions movie.

Leaked from La Croisette but touted online, The Rise of Gru broke 4th of July box office records, grossing over $200 million in its first weekend, shocking Hollywood marketers in the process. It’s been 12 years since Minions entered the public consciousness and the nostalgic value of all those yellow monsters has oiled the wheels of the internet’s meme machine, asking valid questions like…Are Minions awake? And… would you let a Minion inside you? However, fashion has been exploring answers for years, with designers like James Wallace nailing their turgid bodies to raw jeans and skateboards.

While their Lucy & Yak overalls and steampunk goggles have yet to hit the runway, the Minions have seemingly become a subcultural muse for the Very Online. Memetic fashion is nothing new, of course, and designers like Wallace have a similar relationship with SpongeBob SquarePants and Shrek, all of whom have sexualized themselves on the internet for their complete lack of sexuality. Walk into any up-and-coming club party, like Swagchella or Yassification Party, and these characters are mega-mixed in a mix of Y2K, Harajuku, and dirty Soundcloud-adjacent looks. It sounds more serious than ironic, and even parsing the trend is like killing your nerve, but as the catwalk professes its countercultural allegiances, it looks like the Minions actually put the Gru in Grunge.

Demna…. you have two days to respond – Kevin, Stuart and Bob deserve their sewing debuts.

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