Only Vans: New Zealand model pays for nomadic lifestyle via OnlyFans

A Kiwi woman who has been living down the road for nearly a year has revealed how she is funding her nomadic lifestyle through OnlyFans – and saving nearly $1,000 a month by no longer paying rent.

Violett Rose, 27, began her journey into van life more than 10 months ago after ending a long-term relationship and quitting her 9-to-5 job.

Originally launching her OnlyFans in January 2021 “as a joke”, the former teaching assistant and administrative officer soon realized that she was more comfortable removing her naked kit for strangers than her partner – who was the final nail in the couple’s coffin.

In March, Rose quit her job to become a full-time OF designer and a few months later, in September, invested in a Toyota Regius Ace self-driving van.

“The idea [for OnlyFans] it all came as a joke around New Years, I never thought anything would come of it,” she told

“I was already feeling such a positive change in my self-esteem and confidence levels after just a few weeks.

“Doing OnlyFans also motivated me to end my relationship, as I felt like it was wrong to be more comfortable removing my kit for strangers than for my partner.

“I went from what felt like a bunch of responsibilities to only having to worry about myself in a week.”

The model spent her savings on the $25,000 van, before leaving in December of that year to live in the van full time.

The previous owners had already done some work on it, installing a mini kitchen, fridge, sink and pantry.

Rose added minor details including an alarm, extra storage, and window tints, then set off on her adventure.

So far she hasn’t left Aotearoa yet, but she’s enjoyed the sunsets and sunrises in Milford Sound, gone swimming in waterfalls and taken lots of nature photos along the way. .

She said: ‘The van is great for traveling and I had no problem finding parking spaces.

“I decided to add a few things to it to make it more comfortable for full-time living, including tinted windows, an alarm and extra storage space.

“There were a few minor issues with the van that were not disclosed at the time of purchase, but I was fortunate to have friends who work with vehicles to help me resolve most of them. these problems for free.”

Rose’s friends and family have also been very supportive of her choice to become a nomad, while using OnlyFans to support her new lifestyle.

She added: “My friends are so happy and excited for me and always love to ask questions and hear stories about my travels and OnlyFans.

“My family has seen the positive change in my mental health since I joined OnlyFans and loves the van life adventures I can have.”

Rose said she was a “big mental health advocate” and said her followers have told her that her social media content “has helped them feel happier and less alone”.

Rose’s OnlyFans career has also taken off over the past year, with the model now making six figures a year.

But his expenses have also been drastically reduced.

“The great thing about van living is that it gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of living bills and living expenses,” she said.

“You don’t have a fixed weekly amount to pay because your ‘rent’ ends up being your petrol (or diesel), so you only pay the amount you need to travel that week.

“When I was renting an apartment, my rent was $230 a week before expenses, which would have been much better if the money hadn’t gone towards a damp room in an old house that had been split into two separate apartments, with two people in the apartment below me and two roommates sharing the top floor with me.

“OnlyFans money is absolutely crazy for me because I come from a very poor upbringing and never thought I would earn what I’m doing now.

“Living in a van has been the most liberating experience of my life.

“It allowed me to grow and discover more about myself and the world than I personally could have if I had continued to live in an apartment.

“Getting out of my comfort zone and living this lifestyle has helped me more than I can even begin to express.

“In terms of how much I spend now per week, sometimes it can cost $0 in gas if I haven’t changed location, my phone bill is around $80, and sometimes I top up $10 in data so that I can download my OnlyFans.”

Although she’s had a lot of success on the site, Rose has a few words of warning for anyone looking to follow in her footsteps.

“Honestly, that [the income] changes every month and it can vary widely, so don’t let the financial side of things be the influencing or motivating factor if you want to join OnlyFans,” she warned.

“The experience is different for everyone and I know a lot of girls who work very hard and don’t earn as much as they are worth.”


  • Van: $25,000
  • Window tints: $300
  • Alarm system: $1,000
  • Pickup truck battery: $700
  • Storage: $200-300
  • Rechargeable shower: $100

-By Katie Dollard

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